Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Hi everyone!

Hope you had a great week! Thanks for voting for us!

First of all, sorry for the delay. It's been a very busy week and I've been feeling a little under the weather. It's getting to the point in the competition where the scheduling is catching up to all of us now. It always happens around this time of the season. It's one of those, "Oh, here we go again." I'm overdosing on Vitamin C and a bunch of remedies. There's no point of dwelling on it. You just have to get over the hump.

Well, I'll just start by getting this out of the way. Kirstie's shoe came off because she has lost a lot of weight since she started the show. She's lost a couple of sizes and basically her feet lost weight as well, as funny as that sounds. This isn't something you'd notice normally, but we looked down and the shoe looked like it was three sizes too big.

Kirstie handled it all great, but neither of us want there to be anything to "handle" anymore. She's funny and smart and witty, but she didn't enter this competition as a comedian. She came here to win and I want to give it to her. People see us laughing and stuff, but we're putting in the work day in and day out, and I just want Kirstie to get validated. She needs credit for the way she puts in work. The judges have been generous and the viewers have been kind, but I want her to be satisfied. The last two weeks, she can't get the satisfaction out of her performance. You get close, but not all the way. I want this week to be trouble-free.

I love the fans. I love people's opinions. Whether they believe it or not, I am aware of the comments. We're here to entertain and we won't know what people want if we don't pay attention. At the same time, hearing what people are saying, it's just fuel for hate. It's hilarious. But the ratio is great. For 100 positive comments, there's one, "Oh they're doing this on purpose." I'm like, "Wow." People know me as very blunt. I'm too honest to choreograph a lie. Kirstie would never let me and I would never let myself do it. But it's funny because we were sitting, like, "This probably would be a genius idea if we were purposely throwing it!" But we're not. She's taking it well, but she's pissed. She hates the fact that everyone is like, "Aw, you fell."

You can say the mishaps can be extra motivation, but it's not like we weren't motivated before. We're hungry. We've been motivated since Day 1. We're not adding or subtracting any motivation. It's just about going out there and doing our best and we haven't been able to do that the past two weeks. The way I look at is: This could be her one opportunity in life to do a rumba, and we fell. This could be her ne opportunity to do a waltz and my one opportunity in my life to do a waltz to Leo Delibes, and her shoe comes off. They were both unfortunate flukes, but can we please just have one week where we can dance straight out? If something happens on Monday, we will lock ourselves in a closet and won't come out for a year.

We have the foxtrot. Kirstie is doing well. Every dance has its own challenges and it's also all-American week. We have a song that's weird for the foxtrot. I need to satisfy Len and his foxtrot-ness, and Bruno and Carrie Ann with the performance and showcase what Kirstie's all about. It's going to be powerful. It's not your Fred and Ginger foxtrot. I have no idea what my costume is going to look like for this theme, but I'm afraid to find out!

I have to take a moment to applaud production, the crew and everyone involved with classical week. I thought it was phenomenal. It was well-produced. I kept applauding our production team the whole night. We couldn't have done it years ago. We're educated now on what it takes to put on a show. It's a massive, massive amount of work. I'm not known to praise just because, but I've got to point out that it was a gorgeous. I tuned in to a stage show sometime ago and I noticed how much better our production on the how is. I realized the amount of time we spend rehearsing during the week is the same amount of time that the producers spend choreographing the cameras and the staging and all that. When it pays off like it did last week, it's well worth it.

I'm sad that Sugar left, but it's not a shocker. I love Sugar. He was such an amazing personality, but I feel like he was in the bottom. It almost seems like America's getting it right. I'm just observing this season. I'm not freaking out about things.

I have great news to share about my jewelry line that I mentioned a few weeks ago. It will be called Maksim and it will be out in June. It will be available on and During the summer, we'll hit the department stores. The product is awesome. I would not put my name on anything that I don't like. I was a big part of the design. It's something that people have seen me wear and now everyone can too. I'm very excited about it and I'll be sharing more news and photos about it on Twitter in the next few weeks.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!