Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Hi everyone!

Hope you had a great week! Thanks for voting for us!

Well, let's just get it out of the way. The fall was a fluke. My leg is fine now. It was a little bit of a pull. I was fine before the show and it was just something that happened at a bad time. I'm taking care of it and it's not going to be a problem. It was completely my fault. Kirstie did nothing wrong and I am so proud of her for how she handled everything and how she kept going. I don't know how else to come out of this situation, but I think it shows that you don't have to be perfect dancing. You just have to have enough will to finish and to do your thing. It's not about not making mistakes; it's about working through them. People expect us not to fall, but everybody falls. Everybody slips left and right all the time. It's nothing new. But I am not surprised that it became such a big deal just because it's Kirstie. Still, it shouldn't be a big deal. I'm over it; Kirstie's over it. I'm not sure when the show will stop replaying it though! Hopefully soon! I think we'll see it at least once on Monday: "Last week, Kirstie and Maks..."

Kirstie and I have been in Chicago this week for Oprah, which was an amazing and very special experience. We're having a great time here. We're here with a bunch of people and have been out and about. Kirstie has a lot of energy for life and a lot of passion. She wants to enjoy every moment and I'm trying to keep up! I have not had deep-dish pizza yet, but I will try to get some before we leave.

Our next dance is the waltz. It's classical week, so we'll have a singer who will sing during our performance. It's going to turn into a bit more of a show rather than being a straightforward dancing competition. The orchestra is going to be bigger and everything is going to be grand. It's something new and fresh. There are a lot of little elements. Since we've been in Chicago, we're trying to make do with what we've got here. Kirstie is doing well. Like with the fall, I'm not teaching her to dance; I'm teaching her how to be a dancer. She was able to recover because we have a clear understanding of our jobs and what we're supposed to do. That's how we're approaching the waltz. I'm not just teaching her the pattern of the waltz, but I'm also teaching her how to feel it. If everything works, we can relax and adjust to the little changes production throws at us.

Wendy's elimination was unfortunate, but she was a clear choice. I really didn't want Tony to go. I always want him around as long as possible. I think Wendy gave it her personal all and unfortunately that was not enough for the show or voters. I know she and Mike had the lowest scores the past three weeks, but their eliminations don't really change anything. The show is always going to get harder as it goes on. And the bunch that's left — there's no clear front-runner and everybody can be great and everybody can not be so great.

Monday was my dad's birthday, as I mentioned on the show. We did not spend it together. They were all in my house, celebrating, watching the show, passing out when I fell — the typical family reaction! They had fun. My dad is the reason why I dance. I owe it all to him and to my mom for supporting me. So happy birthday, dad!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!