Aldis Hodge, Leverage

What's happening, people? This is Aldis Hodge, but you probably know me better as Hardison, your neighborhood tech thief.

The whole Leverage cast is so happy and excited to get to another season. So far, we've shot half of it, and I can already tell you that you're in for an even crazier ride. The cons are more insane, the gadgets are wilder, the stories are solid, the jokes are funnier and the cast is back to doing what we do best. Even our relationships on and off the screen are stronger this time around.

We're having a blast shooting in Portland — this town is amazing and has been great and so accommodating to us and our entire production. The cuisine has been quite a surprise. We, the cast, have been experimenting with the food around town and we can't really say we've had a bad meal yet. Who knew Portland was an ideal place for foodies like me? The way I see it, I'm experiencing this town through my stomach and I am a happy man.

I have to run and get back to work, but I'll be back next week for the premiere of Leverage part deux. Hope you enjoy watching it as much we enjoyed making it.

A. Hodge

TNT's Leverage premieres its second season Wednesday, July 15, at 9 pm/ET.