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Journey To Shiloh

01:52 | Aug. 29, 2017 Based on Will Henry’s 1960 book, Journey To Shiloh is the rough and realistic anatomy of battle as seen by seven raw recruits of the Confederate Army. Set mid-way through the American Civil War, seven young West Texans ride out to volunteer for the Confederate Army with hopes of grand adventure. Driven by the news of an impending battle, The Concho County Comanches attempt the long and arduous journey to Shiloh, Tennessee and encounter a variety of challenges and hardships along the way. Featuring a stellar line up of fresh-faced talent, including Harrison Ford, James Caan, Jan-Michael Vincent andMichael Sarrazin, Journey To Shiloh expertly captures the excitement of the Civil War and explores the battle-tested themes of loyalty, camaraderie and the courage to survive in a smoky cloud of Confederate gunfire.