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01:19 | Oct. 8, 2011 Kyle Fisher (Favreau) is days away from his wedding and welcomes his stag party weekend as a chance to break free from the pressure from his Bridezilla fianc?e,[1] Laura (Diaz). Things are as chaotic as expected in their hotel in Las Vegas?drink, drugs and a stripper. However, trouble begins when Kyle's friend Michael (Piven) has sex with the stripper (real-life porn star Kobe Tai) in the hotel bathroom. While having sex with her, he slips, slams her head against a towel hook in the wall, and kills her. When a security guard finds the dead stripper's body, he threatens to call the police, only to be silenced when he is stabbed to death with a corkscrew. They bury the two in the desert, but soon guilt and nerves begin to destroy the group and their idyllic lives as each of them die or get injured by each other or their attempts to cover things up.