YooHoo and Friends

  • 2012
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y

A group of animal friends go on adventures to protect their environment in this animated series.

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A Gift Gone Wrong
13:00 — Pammee has the best ears in all of Greenit and can even hear sounds that are far away. Thanks to Pammee's great hearing skills, the friends were able (more…)
Back to YooTopia
11:00 — YooHoo and friends are trapped in a glacier. Coola the seal is at a loss. Rooney goes out to find help for YooHoo. On the other hand the Meerkat broth (more…)
The Sun Has Disappeared
12:00 — A solar eclipse is about to occur in the village. As the sun disappears it becomes dark in Greenit. The solar eclipse also increases Yoohoo and his fr (more…)
Another Paradise
11:00 — With heavy storm, YooHoo & Friends fall down to the beach in Australia and find out there is nothing to drink nor eat. In the meantime, they meet the (more…)
Sleeping Pammee
11:00 — YooHoo and friends are in a forest near the Baikal Lake, Russia. Pammee disappears into the forest lured by its beautiful whispers. While the rest of (more…)
The Sea is Sick
13:00 — Oops and Koops have polluted the ocean and because of them a red tide phenomenon occurs. Not being able to breathe in the poor conditions the ocean cr (more…)
The Greenet Fruit Festival
13:00 — Yoohoo and his friends are eagerly waiting for the Fruit Festival! However, an unknown animal ruins all the fruits and so, the Fruit Festival is cance (more…)
RingRing the Panda 1
11:00 — Meercat brothers plan to wait for YooHoo & Friends, hiding in the forest and steal it away the pouch of green seeds. Meanwhile, falling in love with C (more…)
Lemmee's Dictionary of Complaints
13:00 — Lemmee has always been known to be pessimistic about everything. He even hands out a booklet titled, 'Things I Hate,' to Yoohoo and his friends to mak (more…)
Desert Paradise 2
11:00 — The light from "star of desert" leads YooHoo & Friends to the oasis, the only one available in the desert. However, they find it all dried up surround (more…)
There are Holes in the Ground
13:00 — One day in Greenit a big sinkhole appears in the forest. At first Yoohoo and his friends are awed by this phenomenon but become worried as more sinkho (more…)
Green Seed in the Lake
11:00 — YooHoo & Friends see the Green falling into Plitvice Lake and decide to dive into the lake to get it back. However, there's an obstacle, Meerkats wait (more…)
The Lion with Blue Mane
11:00 — In Serengeti there lived the world's biggest golden lion. He was always alone, excluding himself from other animals. He was brave and full of confiden (more…)
Across the Victoria Falls
11:00 — YooHoo and friends start their journey to Victoria fall where the light of the pouch directed them to. Without knowing how dangerous the fall is, they (more…)
The Stolen Encyclopedia
11:00 — YooHoo and friends arrive at Dead Sea, a salt lake between Israel and Jordan. YooHoo and Friends are led to the the Pillar of Salt where they get to f (more…)
Babysitting Time!
11:00 — YooHoo and his friends meet a baby Javan Rhinoceros called Rhino. They end up taking care of the baby rhino for the mother. Unlike Rhino's first impre (more…)
Chewoo Catches a Cold
13:00 — Yoohoo and his friends learn that when your nose is stuffed up it is hard to smell anything. They find this very interesting and begin to eat things l (more…)
Roodie's Two Faces
13:00 — Oops and Koops figure out Roodee's transformation secret and immediately lets Big Boss know. Big Boss sets up a plan to use Roodee's secret! Roodee on (more…)
Cookie the South Pole Penguin
11:00 — In search of green seeds, YooHooo & Friends make a journey to South Pole. They slide over the ice in a sleigh and skate, slip into ice hole and are lo (more…)
Oh Dear, it Really Stinks
13:00 — Oops and Koops capture skunks and plan to use them to chase the animals out of Greenit. They begin to make a lot of noise using instruments, which tri (more…)
Pammee's Disappearance
13:00 — Pammee is diagnosed with an illness that cannot be cured. It is the princess illness! The doctor tells Yoohoo and his friends that the only way to cur (more…)
Who is Big Boss?
13:00 — The Greenit animals are curious about Big Boss. Pammee imagines Big Boss to be handsome, but Lemmee imagines him to be ugly. Yoohoo and his friends ha (more…)
Dance with Roodee
13:00 — Roodee is sad because he is not very good at dancing. One day he decides to participate in Greenit's dance contest to show everyone his dance skills. (more…)
Beware! It's Hot!
11:00 — YooHoo & Friends arrive in Hawaii where is famous for the Hula dance & Volcano. They have a good time at the beautiful beach in a long time. Later on, (more…)
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  • Premiered: January 8, 2012
  • Rating: TV-Y
  • Premise: A group of animal friends go on adventures to protect their environment in this animated series. (more)

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