X-Men: Evolution

  • 2000
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y7

Emmy-winning animation about the origins and maturation of the X-Men mutant superheroes, back when they were teens and first discovering their powers.

Grim Reminder
Wolverine's tortured origin comes back to haunt him. He goes into the Canadian wilderness to find Weapon X. He runs into not only his archrival Sabret (more…)
Speed & Spyke
Evan Daniels, Ororo Monroe/Storm's nephew, is exihibiting his mutant ability of projecting boned spikes. Despite knowing his powers, Daniels initially (more…)
African Storm
Storm is tormented by Hungan, an evil African shaman who wants to steal her power and use it to take over Africa.
The HeX Factor
Mystique returns to the Brotherhood with a mentally unstable, but immensely powerful mutant named Wanda Maximoff, much to the horror of her brother Pi (more…)
Dark Horizon, Pt. 2
The X-Men, Brotherhood, and Acolytes track Apocalypse to Egypt, but fail to prevent him from coming back to life. Mankind is now in terrible danger.
Cajun Spice
Gambit kidnaps Rogue but claims he's trying to help her forget what she did to Mystique, a deed which has pushed her into insecureness.
Ghost of a Chance
Shadowcat meets Danielle Moonstar and quickly becomes friends with her. However, she wakes up the next morning and realizes that she seemingly dreamed (more…)
The X-Impulse
Chicago native Kitty Pryde discovers her mutant phasing powers. Xavier sends Jean Grey on a mission to recruit her, only to find out that she has alre (more…)
The Cauldron, Pt. 1
Scott is reunited with his brother Alex,who is recruited by Megneto to join him. As the X-Men are forced to fight the Brotherhood for a place in Magne (more…)
Alex gets caught in a riptide while surfing using a surf board fitted with a webcam. Scott goes out to rescue him, but a huge storm threatens both the (more…)
Walk On the Wild Side
The female X-Men are fed up with playing second fiddle, and form a vigilante crime-fighting group called the Bayville Sirens.
A mysterious assassin terrorizes the X-Mansion, knocking out the X-Men one by one.
No Good Dead...
Wanda accidentally causes an accident on the subway, and by helping the civilians the Brotherhood improve their Image.
Shadowed Past
Rogue has nightmares about Kurt being abducted. It turns out that when she absorbed Mystique's memory of her prior plan of keeping her away from the X (more…)
Growing Pains
The Brotherhood (minus Mystique) gatecrash the girls' championship soccer match (where Jean's team is a part of) and threaten to expose mutantkind to (more…)
A mysterious hypnotist kidnaps some of the X-Men and brainwashes them into committing crimes for him.
Operation: Rebirth
Nick Fury informs Wolverine that Magneto has stolen a device once used to create the super-soldier Captain America. Wolverine, Rogue and Nightcrawler (more…)
Blind Alley
Jean is about to confess her love to Scott when Mystique (who managed to escape from Area 51 and is out for revenge) abducts Scott and abandons him in (more…)
A jungle-covered Mayan pyramid takes on a technological appearance and an impenetrable force shield surrounds it, even down into the ground underneath (more…)
For extra credit, Spyke films the current events in his life. However, his project takes a turn for the worst when Sabretooth uses the video camera to (more…)
Fun and Games
While Professor X has to mend Juggernaut's stasis cell, the younger X-Men trick Cyclops and Jean Grey into leaving the Mansion in order to have a part (more…)
On Angel's Wings
During Christmas time, a mysterious angel is saving lives. Rogue and Cyclops track down Warren Worthington, who is deeply unsure about his mutation.
The Stuff of Heroes
The X-Men have to stop Juggernaut, who has been unleashed by Mystique and is threatening to destroy a dam.
Self Possesed
Rogue consoled by her friend Risty, but when she accidentally touches and absorbs her at a concert, she finds out that she was Mystique all along in d (more…)
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  • Premiered: November 4, 2000
  • Rating: TV-Y7
  • Premise: Emmy-winning animation about the origins and maturation of the X-Men mutant superheroes, back when they were teens and first discovering their powers. (more)

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