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Women, War and Peace Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

5 Episodes 2011 - 2011

Episode 1

I Came to Testify

Tue, Oct 11, 2011 57 mins

The five-hour series about the evolving roles of women in war and peace opens with "I Came to Testify," about 16 women who testified in international court about their experiences during the Bosnian war of the 1990s, when they were imprisoned and raped by Serb-led forces in the town of Foca. As a result of their courage, new international laws about sexual violence in war have been enacted. Narrator: Matt Damon.

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Episode 2

Pray the Devil Back to Hell

Tue, Oct 18, 2011 57 mins

"Pray the Devil Back to Hell," about how Liberian women helped bring to an end the 1999 to 2003 civil war between rebels and forces loyal to dictator Charles Taylor by taking to the streets once the fighting has reached the capital city of Monrovia. Included: how they prevented negotiators from leaving the site of stalled peace talks until a settlement was reached.; and helped elect Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to the presidency, making her Africa's first female head of state.

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Episode 3

Peace Unveiled

Tue, Oct 25, 2011 57 mins

"Peace Unveiled," about three female Afghanistan activists working to ensure that the hard-earned gains women have made since the toppling of the repressive Taliban regime are not sacrificed in any peace negotiations with the Taliban. Included: they plead their case to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.S. Ambassador Karl Eikenberry, U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women's Issues Melanne Verveer and Gen. David Petraeus.

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Episode 4

The War We Are Living

Tue, Nov 1, 2011 57 mins

"The War We Are Living," about Afro-Colombian activists Clemencia Carabali and Francia Marquez, who face paramilitary death threats while fighting to remain on their gold-rich lands, which have sustained their rural community for centuries. Narrator: Alfre Woodard.

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Episode 5

War Redefined

Tue, Nov 8, 2011 57 mins

The series concludes with "War Redefined," about how the post-Cold War spread of small arms has changed the landscape of war and impacted women; and the role women are playing in brokering peace. Included: remarks from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her predecessors Condoleezza Rice and Madeleine Albright; Liberian peace activist Leymah Gbowee; Bosnian war crimes investigator Fadila Memisevic; and globalization expert Moises Naim. Narrator: Geena Davis.

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