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Grace O'Malley Season 1, Episode 4 Mar 2, 2018 Subscription

Along the formidable west coast of Ireland, the legend of Grace O'Malley stands out like a freak wave. Born into a warring land of clan rivalries and the lawlessness of the high seas, Grace blew away the notion of a woman's place in the 16th century and taught the boys a lesson of their own.

Boudica Season 1, Episode 3 Mar 2, 2018 Subscription

60 A.D: Rome is at it's height, but in this most remote outpost, the Empire is about to be hit by the full fury of a woman's wrath. Her anger will kill 70,000 and defy Roman power in Britain.

The Real Mulan Season 1, Episode 2 Mar 2, 2018 Subscription

200 years ago, a young woman brought the greatest empire in Asia to its knees. She was a master of kung fu, and the leader of 60,000 warriors who followed her unquestioningly into battle. Their enemy was the brutal and corrupt Qing Dynasty, a dynasty they were determined to overthrow.