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Episode 4 Season 2, Episode 4 Jun 19, 2017 Subscription

Lacking passports and money Lola and Chelsea don masks and hold up a shop in order to buy David a flight out of Bangkok.

Dead End Season 1, Episode 6 Mar 8, 2016 Subscription

Realizing Ray won't stop chasing them until he gets what he wants Lola and Chelsea call him to arrange a drop-off of the drugs and money.

Detour Season 1, Episode 5 Mar 8, 2016 Subscription

At the Baruma Bush Bash Lola sets a trap on the rally racecourse to recover the stolen car. Meanwhile Josh spots Chelsea among the festivalgoers.

Us and Them Season 1, Episode 3 Feb 23, 2016 Subscription

After accidentally running out of gas Lola and Chelsea are forced to camp overnight in the bush unaware that a hit man is closing in on them fast.