UFO Hunters

  • 2008
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Claims concerning UFO sightings are probed in this series from the creators of 'Ghost Hunters.'

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02:19 — UFO Hunters talk to a man who claims to have seen a USO, or Unidentified Submerged Object, while camping on Catalina Island in 1982.
UFOs and Alien Invasions in Film
02:09 — In 1980 in Texas, a car stopped when they saw an intense bright light. A diamond shaped object was pushing out immense heat. Watch this video and find (more…)
The Philadelphia Experiment
01:53 — Find out if a US Naval ship really traveled through time in 1943.
Alien Autopsy
01:25 — It's the alien video that caused a TV sensation. But is it real?
Pat Uskert Bio
02:24 — Pat Uskert got into UFO Hunting because he is a person that likes his questions answered. In 2004 he had his own UFO sighting and has been on the look (more…)
Sedona, Arizona
01:48 — Sedona, Arizona is one of the most active extraterrestrial aircraft sighting zones in the Northern U.S. The UFO Hunters team points their camera to th (more…)
Russian Roswell: Inside Kapustin Yar
02:34 — Kapustin Yar is a military test facility near Moscow. Is the Russian government hiding proof of alien encounters from the Russian people?
Stephensville, Texas
02:39 — Stephensville, Texas was a hotspot of UFO sightings and activity in early 2008. Local resident David Caron captured what he thought was extraterrestri (more…)
01:40 — For over 60 years, the debate has raged on - what happened in Roswell?
Puerto Rico UFOs
02:59 — Learn about the hundreds of supposed UFO sightings in Puerto Rico, the southern point of the Bermuda triangle. Find out if most Puerto Ricans actually (more…)
Jergen's Ranch
02:55 — In 2004, after a Nebraska farmer discovers the gruesome cow remains, reports of nearby UFOs convince some that it's the work of aliens.
UFO hunters
01:24 — Morgan Spurlock investigates UFO history and research. For more, tune in Sunday, 10pm EST.
The First Contact
02:12 — In 1897, Texas may have experienced the first recorded UFO crash in the United States. It was part of an epidemic of 19th century sightings. Historian (more…)
01:13 — For some UFO believers, the future of the human race depends on alien DNA.
The Lost UFO Files
03:08 — James McDonald's biographer, Ann Druffel, and his widow, Betsy McDonald, reveal intimate details of the man and his dedication to legitimizing UFO stu (more…)
Soil Conductivity
02:18 — UFO Hunters pass electricity through a soil bed in an attempt to explain why certain areas of the earth are more prone to UFO sightings.
George Adamski
01:13 — George Adamski claimed he was contacted by people from Venus - fact or hoax?
NASA Files
02:56 — UFO Researcher David Sereda believes NASA archive footage confirms the existence of dropa stone discs.
Russia's Roswell: Ajaja
04:38 — UFO Hunters shows us a scientist who studies UFO's and the one that crashed in Russia. Check it all out in this amazing clip of the man who is only kn (more…)
The Corso Controversy
02:50 — Lieutenant Colonel Philip Corso is given an astounding directive from the Pentagon: examine alien technology from the Roswell alien spaceship crash of (more…)
China's Roswell
05:06 — In this clip from UFO Hunters we travel to China to the mountains in Western China. See all the amazing clips in this footage and learn some of the se (more…)
Highland, Illinois
02:41 — In 2000, there was a group of sightings of strange objects over the USA that resulted in police chases and 911 calls. Some reported triangular pattern (more…)
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  • Premiered: January 30, 2008
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  • Premise: Claims concerning UFO sightings are probed in this series from the creators of 'Ghost Hunters.' (more)

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