Tiny Planets

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A children's series chronicling the adventures of two best friends, Bing and Bong.

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What's Cooking?
05:00 — Bing and Bong bake a cake without a recipe and meet a disastrous end. Bing seeks out the Chef Robot who gives them a recipe, but they don't follow it (more…)
05:00 — Bing and Bong encounter four lazy Flockers, along with a crate that contains gymnastic equipment. Bing and Bong train these Flockers and get them into (more…)
The Right Angle
05:00 — Bing and Bong realize that one house is straight and the other crooked. They use a yo-yo string as a plumb line in making all adjustments necessary t (more…)
Season's Machine
05:00 — Bing and Bong discover a Seasons Machine which can control the seasonal transformation of the tree beside it. They watch the tree sprout leaves, grow (more…)
Jammin' Session
05:00 — Bing and Bong discover rhythm in the crunching of fallen leaves and are joined by various Flockers, all adding new layers of sound. Each addition rais (more…)
Love Is All You Need
05:00 — Bing and Bong each want the other to play a particular game. Each unsuccessfully tries to persuade the other to follow, and head their separate ways. (more…)
Tip the Scales
05:00 — Bing and Bong dodge bricks as they plummet from the sky. The bricks are falling out of a basket controlled by two construction Flockers. Bing studies (more…)
Night Light, Sleep Tight
05:00 — Bing and Bong set up camp. When darkness comes Bing slips into a deep slumber but Bong is wide awake and wants to go to the toilet tent. Being scared (more…)
Desperately Seeking Silence
05:00 — Bing digs a pillow out of the satchel and settles back for a nap. Bong notices a drum shaped flower hanging from the tree that Bing is resting against (more…)
Rhythm & Moods
05:00 — Bing and Bong walk in time to and follow the sound of a beat. They reach a Drum Tree and some pitch plants. As the music changes, Bing and Bong's reac (more…)
Sweet Temptations
05:00 — Bing and Bong come upon a mound of brightly colored sweets. Bing continues on to the other side of the planet, which is inhabited by Healthy Flockers (more…)
Flower Power
05:00 — Bing & Bong discover a cone shaped flower by a plant from which water drops steadily fall into a puddle. As the water drips the pair discovers that th (more…)
Body Talk
05:00 — Bing and Bong encounter a Flocker named Doris. They try to make friends with her in their usual way, but she is frightened by their overtures. It is o (more…)
Found Sounds Orchestra
05:00 — Bong accidentally breaks a record that was supposed to be used for a concert. Bing, Bong, the locals and the Flockers, play hide and seek instead. As (more…)
Strength in Girders
05:00 — Bing and Bong arrive at a small Flocker house, but when Bing knocks on the door, it collapses into a cloud of dust. They try to reassemble the house b (more…)
It's Raining Bongs
05:00 — On the Tiny Planet of Nature, Bing and Bong learn how the water cycle works. First, they see water go through the natural cycle of becoming steam, the (more…)
Tiny Planets Season 1
Adventurous aliens Bing and Bong help the denizens of the Tiny Planets and learn about the wonders of nature, the magical qualities of color, the joy (more…)
The Fisher Bing
05:00 — Bing and Bong go fishing. With magnets on the ends of their lines to attract the Metal Fish, they get right to business. But while Bong is having all (more…)
Spring Cleaning
05:00 — Bing & Bong spy a group of Flockers mulling over how to clean a dirty window at the top of a tall building. Bing and Bong make a larger box containing (more…)
Easy Rider
05:00 — Bing is hesitant about a new unicycle so Bong helps Bing gain confidence and skill. Bing tries training wheels and gains enough confidence to try it a (more…)
Gone With The Wind
05:00 — Bing and Bong trek through wind and rain, constantly getting blown back to their starting point. They use an umbrella to protect them from the rain, b (more…)
Give Me Five
05:00 — On the Tiny Planet of Stuff, Bing and Bong find that lots of things come in fives: flowers, trees - even Flockers. As Bing and Bong play with them, f (more…)
Hear My Song
05:00 — Bing and Bong arrive just in time to catch a performance by "The Diva" But she's too far back for the audience to see her. Still singing, she leaves t (more…)
Odd Bing Out
05:00 — Bong is approached by a small, friendly Local, who wants to be friends. Bing encourages the relationship, until Bing begins to not feel a part of the (more…)
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  • Premise: A children's series chronicling the adventures of two best friends, Bing and Bong.