Timmy Time

  • 2009
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y

Adventures of Timmy the lamb, who was first seen on 'Shaun the Sheep.'

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Timmy Gets Spooked
10:10 — It’s Halloween and Timmy and his friends are having lots of spooky fun, hollowing out pumpkins and making party decorations. Timmy and Finlay can’t r (more…)
Timmy in Tune
10:10 — It’s Music Time, and Timmy is fascinated playing the xylophone. When Play Time comes, he insists on taking it with him, but drops it and one of the ch (more…)
Fireman Timmy
10:10 — When Timmy and Yabba make a fire engine out of an old cardboard box, their efforts to help their friends as they play firemen cause more problems than (more…)
Timmy’s Snowball
10:10 — While playing in the snow, Timmy makes a little snowball – which immediately becomes his best friend! He won’t be separated from it and when Osbourne (more…)
Boing Boing Timmy
10:10 — Timmy thinks Otus’s Jack-In-The-Box is brilliant, and he decides to make his own. But it’s not as simple as it looks, and after several failed attempt (more…)
Beep Beep Timmy
10:10 — Timmy is distraught to find the hooter on his trike is broken, but is delighted when Osbourne replaces it with the biggest, loudest hooter he’s ever s (more…)
Timmy’s Monster
10:10 — It’s a wintery day at the nursery and Timmy discovers some strange extra-large footprints in the snow! Convinced there is a monster on the loose, the (more…)
Timmy Learns to Fly
10:10 — When he sees Otus flutter up to get a kite down from a tree, Timmy is very impressed. Determined to fly himself, he gets Otus to show him how it’s don (more…)
Baby Time Timmy
10:10 — Mittens is playing Mummies, and wants Timmy to be the baby in her make-shift pram. At first reluctant, Timmy soon finds out that being a baby can be f (more…)
Timmy’s New Friend
10:10 — When Yabba won’t play with Timmy, he decides to make a new playmate out of plasticine. Yabba is hurt when Timmy rejects her offers of friendship and (more…)
Timmy’s Birthday
10:10 — It’s Timmy’s Birthday and his friends make him a delicious cake. But as the party games begin, Timmy can’t resist sneaking away to taste a bit of the (more…)
Timmy On Safari
10:10 — Timmy dreams of being an explorer who tracks and photographs wild animals. He sets out to search around the nursery with his camera. He is so disappoi (more…)
Timmy Finds Aliens
10:10 — Timmy is fascinated by the Moonscape collage that he and his friends make – especially the little green aliens that live on the moon. Finlay notices t (more…)
Timmy’s Plane
10:10 — The class are making items out of folded paper, and Timmy is amazed by Finlay’s fantastic paper plane. He tries to copy him, but Timmy’s effort just (more…)
Timmy Learns Magic
10:10 — Timmy is thrilled when he sees Osbourne practicing a conjuring act. Convinced he can do magic too, Timmy tries to impress his friends – but none of th (more…)
Timmy’s Tractor
10:10 — The class is making things out of scrap and Timmy is very proud of his splendid tractor - a cereal box, toilet roll and jam jar lids! But as he parad (more…)
Squeaky Timmy
10:10 — Timmy and Ruffy are so tickled when they discover the fun you can have with squeaks that they accidentally spoil Otus’ big moment in a musical lesson. (more…)
Ballerina Timmy
10:10 — Timmy is enthralled by Mittens’s new music box which has a splendid ballerina on top. But he and Yabba manage to break her precious toy, and despite t (more…)
Timmy’s Treasure Trail
10:10 — Harriet and Osbourne lay a treasure trail for the class – but Kid spoils the fun by eating all the paper clues that they have hidden around the nurser (more…)
Doctor Timmy
10:10 — It’s dressing up time, and Timmy gets to play Doctor – but he won’t take his costume off and insists on treating his class-mates as patients. But when (more…)
Timmy Rings the Bell
10:10 — Osbourne is helping the class to make their very own scarecrow. Mittens, meanwhile, is proudly showing off the shiny new bell on her collar, but is i (more…)
Timmy's Bouncy Friend
10:10 — Timmy’s new friend is big, round, friendly and very very bouncy. It’s a space hopper. Timmy tries to involve his new pal in his nursery day but it is (more…)
Timmy Finds Treasure
10:10 — Timmy and his friends are having great fun playing Pirates. Timmy is the Captain and leads his chums on a treasure hunt. But when they find the X tha (more…)
Timmy the Hero
10:10 — Timmy’s imagination is sparked when he reads a superhero comic. Meet (baa-baa-ba-ba-ba-baaaaaaaaaaa) Super Timmy! Timmy is desperate to save the day b (more…)
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  • Premiered: April 6, 2009
  • Rating: TV-Y
  • Premise: Adventures of Timmy the lamb, who was first seen on 'Shaun the Sheep.' (more)

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