• 1967
  • 2 Seasons

An eccentric millionaire and his five sons make up an international rescue team who use a Thunderbird spacecraft to come to the aid of those in dire situations. The British sci-fi series, set in 2065, was the most popular of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's `supermarionation' adventures and their first hourlong show. It spawned two feature films, `Thunderbir (more…)

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Thunderbirds: Recovery Vehicle In Action - Scene Or Clip

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Desperate Intruder
Brains and Tin-Tin set off to dive for buried treasure in an underwater temple at the bottom of a lake. But the Hood diverts them in an attempt to bea (more…)
Tin-Tin picks up a message from an intergalactic pirate TV station. It has been damaged by broken rocket and will explode when re-entering the earth's (more…)
Move and You're Dead
After Alan wins Parola Sands motor race, his rival Victor Gomez develops a grudge and traps Alan and Grandma on a bridge with an ultra-sonic device li (more…)
Lord Parkers 'Oliday
Lady Penelope and Parker holiday at the world's first solar-powered town but during their stay the reflecter crashes and it's up to International Resc (more…)
Operation Crash-Dive
Two Fireflash jets come down in the Atlantic Ocean in bizarre circumstances. Although Internationl Rescue saves those on board there is no explanation (more…)
30 Minutes After Noon
A British agent is trapped in a room of plutonium with an explosive device strapped to his wrist and it's International Rescue's mission to halt the w (more…)
The Cham Cham
The villainous musician Olsen has a cunning plan to disrupt rocket flights via a pop concert and a hyper -sensitive ultra -sonic device known as the C (more…)
Martian Invasion
The Hood forces an unwitting Kyrano into immoblising Thunderbird 1's photodetector. This means the master criminal can photograph it during a rescue o (more…)
Give or Take a Million
Two bank robbers inadvertently set off the alarm and are forced to hide out in a consignment of presents for a children's hospital. Teleplay by Alan P (more…)
The Man from MI5
A British spy vanishes while carrying atomic weapon blueprints. Lady Penelope is hot on the scent but is soon in great danger when she finds herself t (more…)
Attack of the Alligators
Four men accidently spill a special growth formula into a swamp. They pay the price when they are trapped in their home by giant alligators and the Th (more…)
Path of Destruction
Virgil and Scott must dice with death when the "Crablogger", a massive atomic powered machine for felling and processing trees into pulp, gets out of (more…)
Brink of Disaster
Crooked tycoon Warren Grafton invites Jeff, Brains and Tin-Tin for a ride on the monorail he has built but they find themselves speeding towards a bro (more…)
Pit of Peril
The Sidewinder', a revolutionary mobile Army unit, disappears underground during testing. Brains concocts an elaborate, and risky, scheme to rescue th (more…)
The Edge of Impact
A fighter jet crashes into a Teleray station, trapping two men, after being sabotaged by the Hood. Thunderbird 2 must save the men before the station (more…)
End of the Road
Eddie Houseman, a Tracy Family friend, is left stranded on a cliff after a demolitian operation goes wrong. The Tracy boys have to save him without re (more…)
Sun Probe
A space explorer is on collison course with the sun after becoming lost. Alan and Scott must execute a rescue plan without colliding with the Sun them (more…)
The Perils of Penelope
Professor Borender, an important scientist and Lady Penelope are both abducted. The dastardly captors tie Penelope to a railway line to force the scie (more…)

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