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The Tom & Jerry Show Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

15 Episodes 1975 - 1975

Episode 1

No Way, Stowaways; The Ski Bunny; Stay Awake or Else...

Sat, Sep 6, 1975 30 mins

Tom and Jerry set sail on a pirate's ship; compete for a cute feline's affections; and work for a circus.

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Episode 2

No Bones About It; An Ill Wind; Beach Bully

Sat, Sep 13, 1975 30 mins

Tom and Jerry think Spike swiped a dinosaur bone from a museum; search for gold; and deal with a mean cat at the beach.

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Episode 3

Mammoth Manhunt; The Wacky World of Sports; Robin Ho Ho

Sat, Sep 20, 1975 30 mins

Tom and Jerry help a baby woolly mammoth get back to Alaska; compete against each other in a decathlon; and want to join Robin Ho Ho's band of merry men.

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Episode 4

Safe But Not Sorry; Gopher Broke; The Super Bowler

Sat, Sep 27, 1975 30 mins

Tom and Jerry deal with a rambunctious puppy while delivering a safe; battle a gopher that's destroying their garden; and compete against each other in the National Bowl-Off.

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Episode 5

Tricky McTrout; The Tennis Menace; Cosmic Cat and Meteor Mouse

Sat, Oct 4, 1975 30 mins

Tom and Jerry run afoul of a tricky trout while fishing; play tennis against each other; and try to watch TV without waking Spike.

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Episode 6

The Castle Wiz; Grim and Bear It; The Flying Sorceress

Sat, Oct 11, 1975 30 mins

Tom and Jerry are offered money to stay overnight in a haunted castle; try to protect a mischievous bear cub in the forest; and help a witch with her flying cauldron.

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Episode 7

The Kitten Sitters; Termites Plus Two; Planet Pest

Sat, Oct 18, 1975 30 mins

Tom and Jerry care for six kittens; fight termites; and deal with an alien.

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Episode 8

The Hypochondriac Lion; Give 'em the Air; The Egg and Tom & Jerry

Sat, Oct 25, 1975 30 mins

Tom and Jerry try to remove a splinter from a lion's paw; take part in an airplane race; and become reluctant parents to a baby eagle.

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Episode 9

Watch Out, Watch Dog; The Super Cyclists; The Police Kitten

Sat, Nov 1, 1975 30 mins

Tom and Jerry are mistaken for burglars by Spike; take part in a motorcycle race; and, while working as cops, train a rookie police officer.

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Episode 10

The Outfoxed Fox; Towering Fiasco; The Lost Duckling

Sat, Nov 8, 1975 30 mins

A fox hides from pursuing hounds in Tom and Jerry's house. Tom and Jerry also are hired to walk a sheep dog; and help a young duck migrate south for the winter.

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Episode 11

Beanstalk Buddies; Two Stars Are Born; Son of Gopher Broke

Sat, Nov 15, 1975 30 mins

Tom and Jerry are trapped in a giant's castle; are hired to do movie stunts; and try to stop a gopher from ruining a garden.

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Episode 12

The Sorcerer's Apprentices; Hold That Pose; The Supercape Caper

Sat, Nov 22, 1975 30 mins

Tom and Jerry become a sorcerer's apprentices; try to get a picture of a rare bird; and help a superhero.

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Episode 14

See Dr. Jackal and Hide; Planet of the Dogs; The Campout Cutup

Sat, Nov 29, 1975 30 mins

Dr. Jackal becomes a monster after testing a formula that can make short people tall, making Tom and Jerry run for their lives.

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Episode 15

Triple Trouble; The Bull Fighters; The Cruise Kitty

Sat, Dec 6, 1975 30 mins

Tom and Jerry want to build a log cabin; make friends with a bull; and are accidental stowaways on a ship.

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Episode 16

It's No Picnic; The Big Feet; The Great Motorboat Race

Sat, Dec 6, 1975 30 mins

Series finale. Tom and Jerry find their picnic invaded by a large ant; help a lumberjack trap a scary creature; and work together to compete in a boat race.

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