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The Streets of San Francisco Season 5 Episodes

25 Episodes 1976 - 1977

Episode 1

The Thrill Killers

Thu, Sep 30, 1976 60 mins

Part 1. Keller's resignation is delayed when radicals kidnap a jury trying two of their cohorts. Keller: Michael Douglas. Susan: Patty Duke Astin. Arlen Washington: Ron Glass. Barbara Ross: Susan Dey.

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Episode 2

The Thrill Seekers

Thu, Oct 7, 1976 60 mins

Conclusion. Stone and Inspector Robbins make a last-ditch effort to save the jury from execution. Keller: Michael Douglas. Susan: Patty Duke Astin. Washington: Ron Glass. Barbara Ross: Susan Dey. Lenny: Fred Sadoff.

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Episode 3

Dead or Alive

Thu, Oct 21, 1976 60 mins

A reward offered for a rapist-killer motivates citizens to take the law into their own hands. Karl Malden, Richard Hatch. Larry Dobbs: Howard Duff. Don Wilton: Maxwell Gail. Driscoll: Paul Stevens. Rhoda: Arlene Golonka. Gail Dobbs: Lisa Eilbacher.

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Episode 4

The Drop

Thu, Oct 28, 1976 60 mins

Stone thinks he's a murder target when a kidnapper specifies that he deliver the ransom money. Robbins: Richard Hatch. Springer: Eugene Roche. Andy Horvath Sr.: Dabney Coleman. Eddie: Joseph Hindy. Hines: Martin Kove. Andy Horvath Jr.: Parker Stevenson. Alice Horvath: Mary La Roche. Inspector Tanner: Reuben Collins.

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Episode 5

No Minor Vices

Thu, Nov 4, 1976 60 mins

The father of a teen call girl is murdering her clients. Karl Malden, Richard Hatch. Cindy: Maureen McCormick. Vic Lawson: James Olson. Harry Delman: Lou Frizzell. Nat Reeves: John Karlen. Lynn O'Brien: Gloria Manon. Ms. Frazier: Terrence O'Connor. Bill Korman: Roy Applegate.

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Episode 6

In Case of Madness

Thu, Nov 11, 1976 60 mins

A rock group's lead singer, who believes he is congenitally insane, is the chief suspect in the death of its manager. Karl Malden. B.J. Palmer: Desi Arnaz Jr. Robbins: Richard Hatch. Lois: Jess Walton. Vincent: Lazaro Perez. Sheryl: Betsy Slade. Donna Palmer: Cassie Yates.

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Episode 7

Till Death Do Us Part

Thu, Nov 18, 1976 60 mins

Stone protects a woman from killers hired to prevent her from testifying against mobsters. Richard Hatch. Maggie: Jessica Walter. Ben Jarris: Harry Guardino. Lt. Ed Crowley: John Milford. Turkle: Michael Baseleon. Havens: Zack Taylor.

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Episode 8

Child of Anger

Thu, Dec 2, 1976 60 mins

A career woman's daughter confesses to the murder of her mother's boy friend. Karl Malden, Richard Hatch. Julie Desmond: Dorothy Malone. Melanie Desmond: Leslie Ackerman. Prince: Jerry Douglas. Desmond: Tom Drake. Kyd: Guy Stockwell. Manning: Steve Sandor. Foster: Booth Colman. Green: Peter Kilman. Stillman: Pat Renella.

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The Streets of San Francisco, Season 5 Episode 8 image

Episode 9

Hot Dog

Thu, Dec 9, 1976 60 mins

Stone is a detractor of the cop who attracts his daughter (Darleen Carr). Larry Wilson: Don Johnson. Marty Charles: Mario Roccuzzo. Henry Buck: Gerald McRaney. Roger: Sam Edwards. Robbins: Richard Hatch. Richard Swanson: Lester Fletcher.

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Episode 10

Castle of Fear

Thu, Dec 23, 1976 60 mins

A paranoiac shoots a police officer lurking outside his home. Karl Malden. Hossman: Pat Hingle. Herrick: Edward Walsh. Carol Mossman: Pat Crowley. Beth Herrick: E.J. Peaker. Bonnie Mossman: Dawn Lyn.

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Episode 11

One Last Trick

Thu, Jan 6, 1977 60 mins

A procurer orders the murder of a call girl and her policeman boyfriend. Carol: Lee Purcell. Nick Malone: Michael Bell. Brady: Peter Brown. Joy: Sherry Jackson. Stone: Karl Malden. Robbins: Richard Hatch.

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Episode 12

The Monkey Is Back

Thu, Jan 13, 1977 60 mins

Stone and Robbins hunt a killer who is eliminating members of his high-school class. Belasco: Gary Lockwood. Pelligrino: Art Metrano. Rossiter: Phillip R. Allen. Jennings: Earl Boen. Daley: Wallace Rooney. Bert: Ted Gehring.

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Episode 13


Thu, Jan 20, 1977 60 mins

After murdering a mobster and a cop in a heist, a young man is pursued by both the police and his gangster father. Karl Malden. Robbins: Richard Hatch. Frank Maguire: Tim O'Connor. Ron Maguire: Andrew Robinson. Phillips: Mark Goddard. Stockwood: Michael Strong.

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Episode 14

Who Killed Helen French?

Thu, Feb 3, 1977 60 mins

A wife beater is suspected of foul play when his spouse vanishes. Karl Malden, Richard Hatch. Douglas: Alan Fudge. Helen: Marlyn Mason. Ross: Trish Stewart. Betty: Ellen Geer. O'Brien: John Kerr.

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Episode 15

A Good Cop...But

Thu, Feb 10, 1977 60 mins

A cop killer's henchmen hunt the only witnesses to his crime, an officer and an informer. Karl Malden. Lambert: Barry Primus. Robbins: Richard Hatch. De Voe: Mills Watson. Wilson: Frank Maxwell. Bell: Robert Walden. Moonshine: Don Calfa. Johnson: Regis J. Cordic. Billings: Jordan Rhodes.

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Episode 16

Hang Tough

Thu, Feb 17, 1977 60 mins

A bullying cop comes under official scrutiny when a stoolie accuses him of brutality and deceit. Karl Malden. Boggs: Ned Beatty. Robbins: Richard Hatch. Michaels: Paul Cavonis. Spider: Rafael Campos. Hanley: Edward Power. Devitt: Ward Costello. Wilson: Luke Askew.

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Episode 17

Innocent No More

Thu, Feb 24, 1977 60 mins

Stone pushes to get teen gang members---who have made a mockery of the juvenile court---tried as adults. Evans: John Lehne. Robbins: Richard Hatch. Clark: Roy Poole. Jean: Darleen Carr. Billings: Jordan Rhodes. Robert Wilson: Frank Marth. Billy Wilson: Mark Hamill. Brown: Don Stark.

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Episode 18

Once a Con

Thu, Mar 3, 1977 60 mins

The main suspect in the murder of a coed is a prison inmate enrolled in a special study program. Karl Malden. Walter Young: John Rubinstein. Robbins: Richard Hatch. Jackie: Devon Ericson. Tina: Joanne Nail. Julie Hart: Linda Marsh. Judd Davis: James Sheridan. Vasquez: Ron Castro.

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Episode 19


Thu, Apr 28, 1977 60 mins

Refusing to believe he murdered his wife, a man escapes from an institution for the criminally insane to search for her. Karl Malden. Carolyn: Lois Nettleton. Robbins: Richard Hatch. Calloway: Alan Feinstein. Blake: Linden Chiles. Dawes: Jed Allan. Dichter: Paul Comi. Dillworth: Ward Wood.

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Episode 20

Dead Lift

Thu, May 5, 1977 60 mins

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a bodybuilder who's dangerously sensitive to criticism of his vocation. Karl Malden, Richard Hatch. Judith Winters: Diana Muldaur. Henry the Hustler: Larry Mahan. Jenks: Bert Freed.

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Episode 21


Thu, May 12, 1977 60 mins

A prominent attorney is stalked by a vengeful ex-con he once prosecuted. Karl Malden, Richard Hatch. Charlie Finn: Pernell Roberts. Drake: Lawrence Pressman. Betts: George Murdock. Ethel Finn: Sharon Acker. Julia Drake: Janis Hansen. Jerry Billings: Jordan Rhodes. Hal Finn: John Friedrich.

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Episode 22

Let's Pretend We're Strangers

Thu, May 19, 1977 60 mins

Robbins falls for a public defender who gets a murder suspect off despite prima facie evidence of his guilt. Karl Malden. Susan: Linda Kelsey. Billy Martin: Mark Wheeler. Kim Wilson: Maggie Wellman. Spence: Brent Davis.

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Episode 23

Time Out

Thu, Jun 2, 1977 60 mins

A prison guard searches for four "model" prisoners who betrayed his trust and escaped. Karl Malden. Earl Mack: Cliff Gorman. Washington: Herbert Jefferson Jr. Kraft: Richard Lynch. Telson: George McCallister. Nancy Telson: Christina Hart. Robbins: Richard Hatch. Kimberly: Tom Rosqui.

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Episode 24

Canine Collar

Thu, Jun 9, 1977 60 mins

A smuggler stops at nothing to locate a dog collar containing stolen diamonds. Karl Malden. Paul Weber: George Dzundza. Robbins: Richard Hatch. Dr. Thompson: Dennis Patrick. Olafsson: Kaz Garas. Dr. Makarios: Alexander Courtney. Betty Richlin: Claire Brennen.

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Episode 25

Ten Dollar Murder

Tue, Aug 17, 2021 60 mins

A policewoman's son has an unusual hobby -- he holds up taxicabs. Eventually this results in the murder of an undercover cop.

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