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The Top Job Season 1, Episode 6 Mar 29, 2017 Subscription

Prince Charles is the most outspoken heir to the throne in the Windsors' history and has promised a radically different vision for the monarchy. But will his reign make or break the Windsor dynasty?

Fire, Feud and Fury Season 1, Episode 5 Mar 22, 2017 Subscription

This episode examines the huge challenge that Diana's popularity and tragic death posed to the royal family.

Shadow of a King Season 1, Episode 4 Mar 15, 2017 Subscription

The fourth episode of the gripping saga of the world's most famous dynasty features intimate letters from the Prince of Wales and previously unseen family photos of the aristocratic relative earmarked by Charles' great uncle for him to marry in the late 1970s. Charles was determined to do the right thing as Prince of Wales and avoid the mistakes of his great uncle King Edward VIII who abdicated to marry the divorced woman who he loved and almost brought the House of Windsor to its knees. Another great uncle Lord Mountbatten - an ambitious man of boundless energy and ego - wants to cement his position at the heart of the House of Windsor by acting as kingmaker to Prince Charles who calls him his 'honorary grandpa'. The programme reveals how Mountbatten arranged a secret meeting in Paris between the exiled King and Charles. But rather than fearing 'Uncle David' as a warning from history Charles describes how he sees him as an object of sympathy even affection.

Enter the Outsider Season 1, Episode 3 Mar 8, 2017 Subscription

The epic six-parter continues telling the gripping family saga of the world's most famous dynasty over the last 100 years. The third episode reveals how Prince Philip was frustrated by having to give up his beloved naval career in exchange for a lifetime of trailing after his wife - but channelled his energy into becoming the Windsors' most radical moderniser. When Elizabeth is catapulted on to the throne her husband wants to assert his rights by having his children bear his surname of Mountbatten. But the young and inexperienced Queen faces formidable opposition from her mother grandmother and the most powerful man in the land the PM Sir Winston Churchill. They want the Royal Family to retain the very English name 'Windsor' and the Queen gives in.

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