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Rachel Maddow takes a look at the day's top political news stories.

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Trump Loses Cool in Face of N Korea Threats

Joe Cirincione, president of The Ploughshares Fund, talks with Rachel Maddow about why Donald Trump is taking the exact wrong approach to North Korea with his empty threats and bellicosity.

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Key figure in Russia's NRA outreach ploy added to sanctions list
11:19 — Tim Dickinson, contributing editor for Rolling Stone, talks with Rachel Maddow about the inclusion of Alexander Torshin on the new list of sanctioned (more…)
Perks for Pruitt staffers swell list of scandals at Trump's EPA
14:31 — Rachel Maddow rounds up the latest reports on Donald Trump's scandal-plagued EPA chief Scott Pruitt, including pay raises for his friends on staff, a (more…)
How is a subject of an investigation different from a target?
03:46 — Joon Kim, former acting U.S. attorney for SDNY, explains the difference between a subject and a target of an investigation and whether Donald Trump's (more…)
Trump admin indifference to ethics reflected in EPA scandals
06:51 — Chris Lu, who managed President Obama's first term cabinet, talks with Rachel Maddow about how typical American administrations deal with ethics scand (more…)
Wallace: Pruitt scandal is a White House dysfunction story
06:37 — Nicolle Wallace talks with Rachel Maddow about why the scandals surrounding EPA chief Scott Pruitt have outgrown the bounds of his agency and are now (more…)
Mueller not done with Manafort, also scrutinizing Michael Cohen
02:40 — Rachel Maddow reports on new court filings that show that Robert Mueller's prosecutors have executed another search warrant on Paul Manafort as recent (more…)
Icahn role shows common thread in Pruitt ethics, policy scandals
22:19 — Rachel Maddow looks at the relationship between Donald Trump adviser Carl Icahn and EPA chief Scott Pruitt and how Icahn's business interests intertwi (more…)
Sasse on Trump trade war: 'the dumbest possible way to do this'
01:13 — Rachel Maddow reports on Donald Trump raising the stakes in the trade war he is starting with China, and the reaction of Republican Senator Ben Sasse (more…)
With two indictments already, Mueller still digging into Manafort
06:27 — Joyce Vance, former U.S. attorney, talks with Rachel Maddow about understanding special counsel Robert Mueller's strategy as he continues to execute s (more…)
Flint Rep. upset with Pruitt using Safe Drinking Water Act money to pay staffers
04:47 — Rep. Dan Kildee of Michigan talks to Rachel about EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt using funds from the Safe Drinking Water Act to give staffers raises (more…)
Former acting US Attorney gives first interview since leaving SDNY
07:19 — Joon Kim, former acting US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, talks to Rachel about the firing of US Attorneys in March 2017 and procedur (more…)
Alex van der Zwaan is first person sentenced in special counsel investigation
10:39 — Alex van der Zwaan is given a 30 day sentence and a $20,000 fine, becoming the first person sentenced as a result of the Mueller investigation – penal (more…)
Cecile Richards on Trump Era activism: "Do more than you ever thought you could."
09:01 — Cecile Richards, longtime president of Planned Parenthood, speaks with Rachel Maddow about her new book “Make Trouble: Standing Up, Speaking Out, and (more…)
Communications between Trump and Putin raise questions
14:22 — Former Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul talks to Joy about presidential communications and relationships with Putin amidst a report from the Kremli (more…)
Former pick for US Ambassador to South Korea on North Korea relations
06:05 — Victor Cha, NBC News and MSNBC Korean Affairs Analyst, talks to Joy about John Bolton’s role in planned America – North Korea summit and China’s role (more…)
Papadopoulos reportedly says Sessions “encouraged” him to find out about hacked Clinton emails
07:49 — Former US Attorney Barbara McQuade speaks to Joy about new developments in the Mueller investigation involving George Papadopolous, Jeff Sessions and (more…)
Dossier author Steele among targets of Russian 'hit list': source
10:12 — Rachel Maddow shares reporting by Richard Engel that one former KGB source says that Sergei Skripal, who the UK says was poisoned by Russia, was on a (more…)
Trump exposes census to undercount with citizenship question
04:03 — Rachel Maddow reports on the expert advice that adding a citizenship question to the census will cause an undercount of people in the United States, e (more…)
Gun control activist students call for April 7 town halls
01:56 — Rachel Maddow reports on next steps following Saturday's historic march in Washington, D.C. for better gun safety laws, including a call by students f (more…)
RNC Shows Discomfort With Exposure of Fundraiser's Activities
03:11 — Rachel Maddow updates the story of a RNC fundraiser for Donald Trump that was co-hosted by RNC deputy national finance chairman Elliott Broidy but rep (more…)
Trump makes White House aides tiptoe around Russia, Putin policy
04:27 — Carol Lee, NBC News national political reporter, talks with Rachel Maddow about new reporting that while White House aides encourage Donald Trump to g (more…)
Pruitt Scandal Dwarfs Shulkin's, Giving Lie to Firing Excuse
02:16 — Rachel Maddow points out that the explanation that David Shulkin was fired over his travel scandal doesn't make sense in light of the administration's (more…)
Mueller reportedly eyeing Sessions as Sessions cheats on recusal
18:19 — Rachel Maddow shares new reporting that Robert Mueller's investigation includes looking at Jeff Sessions contacts with Russians, while at the same tim (more…)
Fight over V.A. privatization overshadows Shulkin dismissal
07:39 — Leo Shane, deputy editor of Military Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about the circumstances of David Shulkin's dismissal as secretary of the V.A. and (more…)
Trump Shops for New Hires From TV and Small, Familiar Circle
17:09 — Rachel Maddow looks at how Donald Trump's recent hires have come from people he is immediately familiar with or has seen on Fox News, which is not a g (more…)

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