The Oprah Winfrey Show

A one-woman (one name, really) entertainment dynasty, and the gold standard in the talk-show genre, able to attract just about any guest, and so influential that her `book club' practically guaranteed that works she endorsed would be bestsellers. Smart and charismatic, the multi-Emmy winner is also self-effacing enough that, after copping the TV academy (more…)

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"Waiting for Superman": The Movement That Could Revolutionize America's Schools

First Aired: September 20, 2010

Bill Gates, John Legend and documentarian Davis Guggenheim discuss issues raised in Guggenheim's film "Waiting for Superman," which explores education in the U.S. And D.C. public-schools chancellor Michelle Rhee comments on why schools can fail and her attempts to improve them in her jurisdiction. Also: the Oprah's Angel Network finale.