AntiGravity Heroes
08:51 — Two best friends, Justin Starr and Jimmy Angel, break into a warehouse and uncover strange artifacts that unleash incredible powers and change their l (more…)
The LetterMakers
03:54 — With the Uprising having begun, it is up to the Lettermakers to assemble The LXD army and recruit fresh blood to fight the ultimate battle. However, t (more…)
Robot Lovestory
10:59 — A man wakes up in a hospital with no memory and severe convulsions. With the help of a young nurse, Autumn, he learns to control the robotic ticks tha (more…)
Elliot's Shoes
07:29 — Unassuming hero Elliot Hoo discovers a pair of magical shoes with a personality of their own. Once he puts them on, he finds himself being taken down (more…)
Tails of War
11:00 — From the depths of the OX underworld, Karey calls upon some of his most deadly creatures to bait and kill off the LXD.
The Good, the Bad and the Ra, Pt. 2
10:09 — The LXD rescue mission comes down to an epic showdown and true heroes…and true villains are revealed.
11:05 — Training begins for our LXD recruits as they uncover the secrets of the Ra and hone their powers.
The Greater of Two Evils
09:19 — The Dark Doctor and his army of Umbras square off with Karey and his OX. Two forces, two evils…one purpose.
06:10 — To build his army, the Dark Doctor must find the perfect specimen.
The Dark Doctor Deal
04:45 — Autumn, having gone rogue, is being reprogrammed by the Dark Doctor to follow his command once again and fulfill her part of their deal.
The Legion
10:25 — Letters in hand, our reluctant heroes discover the underground headquarters of the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers and the new adventure that awaits t (more…)
I Seen a Man
12:35 — A mysterious street prophet tells the story of a man named Copeland who has the potential to be great, but struggles with demons inside his head and o (more…)
The Mark of the Ox
10:37 — To fuel the Uprising, Organization X has mounted a recruiting mission of their own...but to join, one must first survive the ritual.
The Good, the Bad and the Ra, Pt. 1
14:32 — The LXD sets out on a rescue mission in a remote town as they go head to head with their greatest enemies.
The Uprising Begins
07:16 — Two long-time enemies, Tendo and Spex, face-off in an action-packed after-hours showdown. Only one will emerge victorious, but the message is clear--t (more…)
The Tale of Trevor Drift
13:40 — At his senior prom, a seemingly ordinary teenager, Trevor Drift, discovers his extraordinary abilities and the secret his family always tried to keep (more…)
09:32 — Childhood friends Stereo, Phono and Minijack are the self-declared biggest fans of The LXD and dream of someday becoming LXD members themselves. Can h (more…)
05:26 — Former LXD members now in hiding are called to action with the start of the Uprising. Two of those are former lovers Katana and Jato. They must let go (more…)
10:05 — Out at sea, in the dead of night, evil rises for a search and destroy mission of The LXD.
06:24 — From the ashes of tragedy comes the conviction of revenge. Every villain has a beginning.
Lost in Time
11:06 — After a huge explosion destroys Sealab, Stormy and Dr. Quinn are mysteriously transported fifteen minutes into the past, which puts them in a position (more…)

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