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Summer Ends Season 1, Episode 3 Aug 23, 2009 $1.99

As Olivia deals with a boy dilemma, Claire talks to Alexis about using boys. Luke confronts Madison, who reveals her secret. At the Final Picnic, everyone is gossiping. And Drew finally does the thing he has been waiting all summer to do.

Summer Changes Season 1, Episode 2 Aug 17, 2009 $1.99

Ryan and Alexis discuss their future, with heartbreaking results, and Luke tells Madison his secret. Plus, Drew takes Olivia on a first date and Alexis finds a new boy toy, leaving Madison in tears. As the summer dance approaches, everyone needs a date.

Summer Begins Season 1, Episode 1 Aug 10, 2009 $1.99

Harboring dark secrets, Olivia arrives at Lake Eleanor to spend the summer with her aunt. Her aunt's advice: People only need to know what you tell them. Olivia quickly makes friends with others at the lake; it's the start of an unforgettable summer.