The Kitchen

  • 2012
  • TV Show
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Comedy set in a Moscow restaurant.

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The Kitchen
Claude Monet is the finest restaurant in Moscow. Chef is a genius - and a drunk. The owner is a gangster. The waitresses are sexy, the cooks are half- (more…)
The Kitchen, Season 10
Five savvy food experts share lively conversation and delicious recipes.
Cooking with your Kids
The gang reveals new ways to cook great snacks with your kids.
The Kitchen Helpline
Hosts answer your questions and give household items new uses.
Sweets and Treats
It's a Halloween celebration in The Kitchen.
Conquer and Cook
This week, the chefs tackle foods most people avoid.
Ultimate Meatloaf
Jeff Mauro and Geoffrey Zakarian make the Ultimate Meatloaf.
Brian's Triple Whisk
Brian Boitano's Triple Whisk combines his culinary and skating skills.