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The King of Queens Season 8 Episodes

23 Episodes 2005 - 2006

Episode 1

Pole Lox

Mon, Sep 19, 2005 30 mins

Doug persuades Carrie to take a pole-dancing class. But after he sets up a pole in their bedroom, he's horrified at her lack of talent. When Arthur learns what Carrie is doing, he feels that her stripper behavior is a direct result of his lack of parenting over the years, so he tries to make it up to her by spending more time with her. Carrie's not exactly thrilled. Ed: Hayes MacArthur. Anne-Marie: Michele Nordin.

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Episode 2

Vocal Discord

Mon, Sep 26, 2005 30 mins

Doug and Carrie see a marriage counselor after a computer records a vicious argument between them and they read the hateful text. Elsewhere, Arthur helps out with theater night at the senior center by directing and appearing in a scene from a play. But first, he must cast the part of his leading lady. Betty: Charlotte Rae. Glenn: Tim Bagley. Barksdale: Gerry Black. Flora: Pamela Kosh. Josephine: Norma Michaels.

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Episode 3

Consummate Professional

Mon, Oct 3, 2005 30 mins

Via flashbacks, Doug tells Carrie the real story about how he got his job driving a delivery truck 10 years ago when they were still dating. O'Boyle: Sam McMurray.

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Episode 4

Like Hell

Mon, Oct 10, 2005 30 mins

Doug can't figure out why a new driver invited everyone else at work to a barbecue, but he intends to find out. At her office, Carrie tries to change her unfriendly image by doing nice things for her coworkers, whether they want her to or not. Jared: Bryan Callen. Dawn: Laura Silverman. Lisa: Nikki Tyler-Flynn. Gary: Emil Beheshti. Marcy: Sheila Shaw. Bill: Peter Breitmayer.

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Episode 5

Sandwiched Out

Mon, Oct 17, 2005 30 mins

Doug is upset when a restaurant names a sandwich after Deacon that Doug insists he created; and Carrie gets jealous when Holly announces that she's engaged and moving to Manhattan. Holly: Nicole Sullivan. Cathy: Dahlia Salem. Roger: James Lancaster.

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Episode 6

Shear Torture

Mon, Oct 24, 2005 30 mins

Doug goes to a sexy hairdresser, which makes Carrie jealous; Spence invites Lou Ferrigno to a sci-fi convention, but ditches him after Adam West agrees to go. Lisa: Nikki Tyler-Flynn. Lori: Jenna Gering.

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Episode 7

Inn Escapable

Mon, Nov 7, 2005 30 mins

Doug surprises Carrie by taking her away for a weekend at a rustic bed-and-breakfast run by an eccentric older couple. Unfortunately, the place is a little too rustic for Carrie. Back at home, Arthur entertains a lady friend, who thinks Arthur wants her to move in with him.

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Episode 8

Move Doubt

Mon, Nov 14, 2005 30 mins

Doug and Carrie try to get Deacon and Kelly to buy the house next door to them, but a couple with eight kids move in instead. Elsewhere, Danny and Spence become rivals when they try to woo an Albanian beauty.

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Episode 9

G'Night, Stalker

Mon, Nov 21, 2005 30 mins

Doug is thrilled when he gets sexy e-mails from a fan who heard him singing karaoke at a club, but his excitement turns to fear when the stalker becomes threatening. Doug's greatest fear, however, is that Carrie will find out about his adoring admirer. Angela: Mindy Spence. Ron: Jim Turner. Jimmy: Jimmy Shubert.

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Episode 10

Raygin' Bulls

Mon, Nov 28, 2005 30 mins

Doug invites Ray Barone (Ray Romano) to crash at his house while both of their wives are out of town and the two go clubbing. Meanwhile, Carrie goes with Arthur to visit her mother's grave in New Jersey for the first time and is shocked when she reads the tombstone.

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Episode 11

Baker's Doesn't

Mon, Dec 19, 2005 30 mins

Doug and Carrie are roped into helping out at their church during the holidays: he guards the manger, while she tries to bake a cake. Also, Arthur and Spence attempt to write a Christmas song so they can cash in on the holiday. Father McDaniel: Nick Bakay.

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Episode 12

Fresh Brood

Mon, Jan 9, 2006 30 mins

To persuade Carrie to have a baby, Doug borrows an infant whom Danny is supposed to be taking care of to show Carrie what a good father he would be. Elsewhere, Arthur wants a coffee-shop manager to name him Customer of the Month, even though he rarely buys anything.

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Episode 13

Gambling N' Diction

Mon, Jan 23, 2006 30 mins

Doug discovers that his mom is a great poker player so he persuades her to enter a high-stakes game; Spence tries to help Carrie lose her accent so she'll have a better chance of getting a promotion. Janet: Jenny O'Hara.

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Episode 14

Apartment Complex

Mon, Feb 6, 2006 30 mins

Doug and the guys rent an apartment over a Chinese restaurant to host their poker nights after Carrie tosses them out of the house. Also, Carrie gets Kirstie Alley as a client and is forced to eat large amounts of food in front of her as part of Alley's strange weight-loss program.

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Episode 15

Buggie Nights

Mon, Feb 27, 2006 30 mins

Doug and Carrie discover their house is infested with bedbugs, but Doug doesn't want to spend money on an exterminator; Spence and Danny wrestle to decide where they are going on vacation.

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Episode 16

Knee Jerk

Mon, Mar 6, 2006 30 mins

Doug enjoys the extra attention Carrie gives him after he falls down the stairs and injures a knee, so he comes up with a plan for the pampering to continue even after he is healed.

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Episode 17

Present Tense

Mon, Mar 13, 2006 30 mins

Doug and Carrie receive a hideous portrait of themselves from Deacon and Kelly as an anniversary present.

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Episode 18

Sold-y Locks

Mon, Mar 20, 2006 30 mins

Carrie cuts her hair short and sells it for big bucks to pay for a cruise with Deacon and Kelly, but she soon regrets it after everyone hates her new look. Also, Arthur begins to wonder if he really is Carrie's father. Robert Goulet appears as himself.

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Episode 19

Emotional Rollercoaster

Mon, Apr 10, 2006 30 mins

Doug turns 40 and fakes a midlife crisis so Carrie will think he intends to better his life, but all he really wants to do is conquer his fear of riding a monster roller coaster that he was too scared to go on 15 years ago.

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Episode 20

Four Play

Mon, May 1, 2006 30 mins

Doug pairs off with Kelly, while Carrie goes out with Deacon after the couples realize they have more in common with their friend's spouse than they do with their own; Arthur gives advice to a woman working at a coffee shop.

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Episode 21

Hartford Wailer

Mon, May 8, 2006 30 mins

Carrie plans a weekend getaway with coworkers on a company retreat, but Doug shows up and spoils it; Danny and Spence sneak backstage at a Huey Lewis concert dressed as guards. Huey Lewis appears as himself.

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Episode 22

Fight Schlub

Mon, May 15, 2006 30 mins

A driver from a rival delivery service befriends Doug, whose buddies are suspicious of the guy's motive; Carrie mentors a troubled 16-year-old girl, but the teen ends up having more of an influence on her.

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Episode 23

Acting Out

Mon, May 22, 2006 30 mins

Carrie decides to put Arthur in a retirement home after he accidentally sets a fire in the basement. But Doug isn't sure they should ship him out after he learns a surprising secret about Arthur. Meanwhile, Danny and Spence argue over who gets the larger bedroom in their apartment since Danny promised that, after two years, he would move out and let Spence have it.

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