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(Sub) I Want to Get Closer Season 1, Episode 12 Jun 19, 2014 Subscription

Maemura follows Ritsu around and invites her to an event for book lovers. When they arrive it turns out to be something completely different.

(Sub) Don't Have Any Friends Season 1, Episode 11 Jun 12, 2014 Subscription

Tsuneda Miharu arrives at Kawai Complex to see her old friend Sayaka. It soon becomes apparent that unresolved differences from their past are still evident and Sayaka seems distant.

(Sub) You Could Just Ignore It Season 1, Episode 10 Jun 5, 2014 Subscription

An old friend of Usa's visits him at his job: Hayashi, the once touted ghost whisperer who is now part of the popular crowd.

(Sub) Forbidden Season 1, Episode 9 May 29, 2014 Subscription

Mayumi once again is on the brink after a coworker flaunts her new boyfriend. Later, the Kawai residents are attacked by the most disturbing of insects, a centipede!