The Fruit of Grisaia

  • 2014
  • TV Show
  • TV-MA

A teenage boy transfers to a school that has only five other students, and all of them are female.

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(Sub) 10 Centimeter Field of Fire Season 1, Episode 13 Dec 27, 2014 Subscription

Yuuji and Amane decide to visit the site of Amane’s accident to investigate if Kazuki is really did. While on their journey the academy is attacked and the other girls have become hostages! It seems as though Amane’s nightmare will never end.

(Sub) Angelic Howl III Season 1, Episode 12 Dec 21, 2014 Subscription

Amane continues to explain to Yuuji how she and Kazuki struggled to survive as the depravity of their situation has warped the other survivors. After revealing the full horror of her past she asks Yuuji to take her life.

(Sub) Angelic Howl II Season 1, Episode 11 Dec 14, 2014 Subscription

The survivors of the crash struggle to survive as they begin to run out of food. Their teacher decides to search for help but after a few days he doesn't return leaving Amane and the other girls in desperation.

(Sub) Angelic Howl I Season 1, Episode 10 Dec 7, 2014 Subscription

Since Yuuji's arrival Amane has been infatuated with him. He finally agrees to her being his girlfriend but wants to know why she likes him. Amanes reveals the she knew his sister.