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Episode 23 Season 1, Episode 23 Apr 15, 2011 Subscription

The grand finale will An Zhen get back together with Rui Fan or choose to start anew with Lan Tian Wei?

Episode 22 Season 1, Episode 22 Apr 8, 2011 Subscription

After all that's happened Wei En Rui Fan and Tian Wei all come to realize something new about themselves and makes life changing decisions.

Episode 21 Season 1, Episode 21 Apr 1, 2011 Subscription

The soft-hearted An Zhen can't bear to see Rui Fan down and out. She clears his credit card debts and ask Tian Wei to help Rui Fan find work. But Tian Wei is furious and questions An Zhen if she still have feelings for Rui Fan.

Episode 20 Season 1, Episode 20 Mar 25, 2011 Subscription

An Zhen is harassed by paparazzi when Wei En misleads the tabloids to believe An Zhen was the one to have an affair first. Wei En's actions further places An Zhen's daughter Meng in jeopardy as Wei En's mental health becomes increasingly unstable.