The Doctors

  • 2008
  • 11 Seasons

'Dr. Phil' spin-off featuring four doctors (an emergency-room physician, an ob-gyn, a plastic surgeon and a pediatrician) exploring medical issues raised in cases examined on the show.

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Homeless Shelter Bans Women and Children?

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A homeless shelter in Kentucky announced it will no longer accept women and children in order to prevent people from having sex. The Doctors go beyond the headline to expose the reality of homelessness in America and propose solutions.

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Help – I’m Allergic to Cardio!
02:24 — The Doctors answer a question from a viewer who says she breaks out in hives while doing cardio. Is this even possible and how might someone treat thi (more…)
Should NFL Players Who Are Also Doctors Get Credit on Jerseys?
03:32 — Should NFL football players who are also doctors be recognized for their accomplishment on their jerseys?
Dad’s Creative Way to Breastfeed his Baby!
03:01 — A dad cut holes in a shirt, inserted the nipple of a bottle to help his baby feed while mom was away.
Drs. Rx: Keep Your Next Outdoor Meal Free of Ants
03:14 — Drs. Rx: Keep Your Next Outdoor Meal Free of Ants Do you love eating outdoors, but are not a fan of unwelcome guests like ants?
No Period for Multiple Months – What It Means
01:52 — OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry answers a viewer question about not having a period for numerous months.
Drs. Rx: Help Save Your Eyesight in Just 20 Seconds!
02:00 — Are you guilty of staring at a screen for too many hours in a day?
How ‘Frozen’ Star Patti Murin Copes with Anxiety
05:04 — Dr. Travis Stork and Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, Pfizer's Chief Patient Officer, sit down with Patti Murin, who stars in “Frozen” on Broadway, to discuss he (more…)
What To Do If a Service Dog Approaches You
04:05 — The Doctors discuss the case of a service dog that was ignored by shoppers at the mall when the dog was attempting to get help after the dog’s owner, (more…)
Drs. Rx: Can Sex Fantasies Improve a Workout?
01:57 — Could daydreaming about sex help your workout?
Popular Stinky Prank Gift Used in Medical Training?
03:48 — The Doctors share how a popular prank product – a spray that smells like feces – is being used to train medical professionals.
How the GammaPod Reduces Side Effects of Cancer Treatment
03:17 — Dr. Kristi Funk and radiation oncologist Dr. Elizabeth Nichols share how this new approach to treating breast cancer can help to minimize the effects (more…)
What Caused Man’s Blood to Appear White and Milky?
03:14 — The Doctors weigh on the case of a man who went to the hospital after experiencing nausea, headaches, deteriorating alertness. Once admitted, doctors (more…)
Does Intermittent Fasting Reduce Breast Cancer Risk?
05:04 — Could limiting when you eat possibly reduce your breast cancer risk?
Man’s Black Lip Blisters Caused by Lung Infection
03:22 — The Doctors discuss the case of a man who developed black blisters on his lips and genitals.
Tooth Grows in Man’s Nose!
03:31 — The Doctors are joined by ENT specialist Dr. Paymna Simoni to discuss the unusual case of a man who had a tooth growing in his nose!
Eating Disorder Compels Man to Steal Food
02:10 — Tyler, 20, suffers from a rare disorder called Prader Willi syndrome, which causes uncontrollable hunger. His mother, Michelle, and sister, Chelsea, d (more…)
Drs. Rx: Surprising Food to Get You in the Mood
01:47 — ER physician Travis Stork reveals a surprising food item that can help boost your libido!
Fathers Featured in Viral Videos Face Off Over Gender-Appropriate Toys
04:58 — Two fathers defend their positions on the role parents should play in helping their children make decisions.
Drs. Rx: How You’re Unknowingly Damaging Your Workout Gear
01:05 — ER physician Travis Stork reveals what household item could be destroying your workout gear and offers solutions to avoid the damage.
Twins after Vasectomy for Jets Player
04:26 — The Doctors discuss New York Jets player Antonio Cromartie, who recently announced his wife became pregnant with twins after he had a vasectomy.
Three Dirty Little Secrets to a Cleaner Home
02:25 — The Doctors reveal three secrets to a cleaner home that will change the way you tidy up!
Berries for Impotence?
03:31 — The Doctors are joined by urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz to discuss how eating berries could help prevent erectile dysfunction.
News in 2:00
02:09 — Get the latest health news you can use with “The Doctors”’ News in 2:00!
Breathalyzer Condom Vending Machine?
02:56 — The Doctors share their opinion on a new condom machine being tested in the UK that will give you a free condom if you pass a breathalyzer test.

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