The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!

  • 2010
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y

The iconic Dr. Seuss character and two pals learn about the natural sciences during fun-filled adventures.

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Teeny Weeny Adventure / I See Seeds
Teeny Weeny Adventure: Nick has spotted a tiny ladybug, but Sally has found an even smaller ant! And there’s nothing smaller than an ant. Or is ther (more…)
Stripy Safari / Wool
Stripy Safari: Nick and Sally set off on a safari with The Cat in the Hat to find all kinds of stripes. Along the way, Sally and Nick discover that st (more…)
Digging the Deep / Puddle Puzzle
Digging the Deep: Nick and Sally are exploring how deep they can dig in the sandbox. The Cat arrives to whisk them away to the deepest place he knows (more…)
A Sweet Deal / King of Swing
A Sweet Deal: Sally and Nick are having a hard time getting customers to come to their “café”. What can they do? The Cat takes them to meet Eddy the h (more…)

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Take a Walk / Cotton Patch Season 2, Episode 39 Mar 5, 2014 Paid

Take a Walk: Sally and Nick are practicing to be in a three-legged race, but walking on three legs is hard! Well if anyone knows about walking, its Cat’s friends Sid the centipede, Spinny the spider and Bugsy the beetle! They all teach the kids how they walk on many legs by keeping a steady pace and walking in a rhythm and a beat. Back at home, Nick and Sally practice what they learned by using their own special rhythm! Cotton Patch: Oh no! Nick has torn his favourite shirt! He needs a perfect patch of cotton to fix it. Good thing Cat’s friend Dr. Twiggles knows all about cotton! Off to Fluff’n Stuff Fields to see him! Once there, the kids are astonished to learn that you can make clothes from plants! Dr. Twiggles shows them how to pick the cotton, clean and dry it, comb it and spin it into thread. Finally, he demonstrates how the thread comes together to make a patch by using his loom. They even learn how to dye the cotton by using berry juice. Nick’s favourite shirt is as good as new!

Paper Chase / A Polar Adventure Season 2, Episode 33 Dec 12, 2013 Paid

Paper Chase: Sally and Nick are making paper airplanes, but have run out of paper! Luckily Cat’s friend Dr. Twiggles can help them! Off to the Woody Wood Woods to see him. There, Dr. Twiggles shows them how to make new paper out of old paper – recycling! They watch how the old paper is shredded, then water and cleaner are added to make it into a thick, soupy mess! Then they put it through rollers that flatten it into large sheets of paper! Now Nick and Sally can make their airplanes, and the best part, they used recycled paper! A Polar Adventure: Nick and Sally have lost Teddy outside, they need to find him, bears don’t like the snow! Well some bears do, proclaims the Cat. In Freeze-Your-Knees-Snowland, Cat’s friend Polly the polar bear loves the snow! They meet Polly and her two bear cubs and learn how their thick fur keeps them warm and how their long claws keep them from slipping on the ice. When a storm blows in, Polly keeps everyone warm in her den. Polar bears really do like the cold! Back home, Sally finds Teddy buried under the snow, but he was nice and safe in his own little den!

Wrappers Delight / Dive, Swim, Scoop Season 2, Episode 30 Jul 22, 2013 Paid

Wrappers Delight: Sally and Nick are trying to wrap a present for their moms. But they’re having problems. Why meeting Cat’s good friend Gina the Giraffe Weevil, will help! Gina shows them how she uses leaves to wrap her eggs to protect them while she waits for them to hatch. They learn how to carefully roll and fold the leaf so it doesn’t rip and it protects the egg. Back at home they can finally finish wrapping their present – a statue of the Cat in the Hat! Dive, Swim, Scoop: There’s a frog in Nick and Sally’s pool! They have to get him out but can’t catch him. Cat’s good friend Penny the Pelican can teach them how to catch things in water! Along the way they meet a gannett who shows them how he dives deep into the water to catch his food and a cormorant that zigs and zags through the water to catch hers. But that won’t help them catch the frog in their shallow pool. They finally find Penny and watch how she scoops with her big bill, like a net! Now Nick and Sally know how they can rescue the frog in their pool.

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Mon Sep 24 7:30am
The Lost Egg; Hold on Tight PBS

Nick and Sally learn to decorate from a bowerbird and how to hang on to things from a limpet.

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Tue Sep 25 7:30am
You Should Be Dancing; Batty for Bats PBS

Nick and Sally can't finish a dance without falling down, so Cat takes them to meet a great dancer: Tango, a bird of paradise, who teaches them how to maintain their balance. Later, Sally and Nick meet a bat named Zapita, who teaches them how to navigate b (more…)

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Wed Sep 26 7:30am
A Tale About Tails; A Sticky Situation PBS

Nick and Sally wonder what it would be like to have tails, so Cat introduces them to animals with a variety of tails that can do numerous tasks. Later, Cat introduces the kids to Betty Beaver, who helps Nick find a replacement for his broken drumstick.

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  • Premiered: August 7, 2010
  • Rating: TV-Y
  • Premise: The iconic Dr. Seuss character and two pals learn about the natural sciences during fun-filled adventures. (more)

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