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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Season 3 Episodes

Season 3 Episode Guide

29 Episodes 1964 - 1965

Episode 1

The Return of Verge Likens

Mon, Oct 5, 1964 60 mins

Peter Fonda is cast as a country farmer who plans a special revenge on his father's killer. McGrath: Robert Emhardt. Wilford: Sam Reese. Sheriff: Jim Boles. D.D.: George Lindsey. Sigafoose: George Seel.

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Episode 2

Change of Address

Mon, Oct 12, 1964 60 mins

A couple move into a remote beach house in a last-ditch attempt to save their shaky marriage. Hollins: Arthur Kennedy. Elsa: Phyllis Thaxter. Miley: Royal Dano. Rachel: Tisha Sterling.

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Episode 3

Water's Edge

Mon, Oct 19, 1964 60 mins

John Cassavetes stars as an ex-convict determined to find robbery loot stashed by his former cell mate. Helen: Ann Sothern. Mike: Rayford Barnes. Guard: James Bowen Brown.

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Episode 4

The Life Work of Juan Diaz

Mon, Oct 26, 1964 60 mins

A dying Mexican (Alejandro Rey) frantically looks for a way to provide for his poverty-stricken family after his death. Gravedigger: Frank Silvera. Maria: Pina Pellicer. Jorge: Larry Domasin. Ricardo: Valentin de Vargis.

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Episode 5

See the Monkey Dance

Mon, Nov 9, 1964 60 mins

A young London broker (Roddy McDowall), heading for an illicit weekend with his married mistress, encounters a man with strangely similar plans. The Stranger: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Wife: Patricia Medina.

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Episode 6

Lonely Place

Mon, Nov 16, 1964 60 mins

Fear stalks a farm inhabited by a farmer, his wife and a mysterious hired hand (Bruce Dern). Stella: Teresa Wright.

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Episode 7

The McGregor Affair

Mon, Nov 23, 1964 60 mins

Dimwitted McGregor (Andrew Duggan) makes his living hauling boxes to a medical college, unaware that they contain the corpses of murder victims. Aggie: Elsa Lanchester. Burke: Arthur Malet. Hare: Michael Pate. Tommy: Bill Smith. Knox: John Hoyt.

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Episode 8


Mon, Dec 7, 1964 60 mins

A stranger forms a shaky alliance with a greedy woman bent on murdering her wealthy husband. George: George Kennedy. Colin: Barry Nelson. Eva: Lola Albright.

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Episode 9


Mon, Dec 14, 1964 60 mins

Ed Begley is cast as a fraudulent medical missionary whose wife covers for him---until a younger woman comes along. Mary: Jeanette Nolan. Sprague: Tom Simcox. Lucy: Maggie Pierce. Ramna: Than Wyenn.

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Episode 10

Memo from Purgatory

Mon, Dec 21, 1964 60 mins

In a Brooklyn slum, a young writer joins a gang to gather material for a book. Jay: James Caan. Filene: Lynn Loring. Tiger: Walter Koenig. Candle: Anthony Musante. Fish: Zalman King. Slats: Mark Slade.

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Episode 11

Consider Her Ways

Mon, Dec 28, 1964 60 mins

A doctor (Barbara Barrie) tries to prevent her hallucinatory vision of an all-female society from becoming a reality. Laura: Gladys Cooper. Hellyer: Leif Erickson. Perrigan: Robert H. Harris. Max: Gene Lyons.

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Episode 12

The Crimson Witness

Mon, Jan 4, 1965 60 mins

Farnum Mullett (Roger C. Carmel) has stolen his brother's job, wife---and girlfriend. Ernest: Peter Lawford. Barbara: Julie London. Judith: Martha Hyer. Madeline: Joanna Moore. Modeer: Paul Comi.

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Episode 13

Where the Woodbine Twineth

Mon, Jan 11, 1965 60 mins

Nell Snyder (Margaret Leighton) is worried about the strange behavior of her niece, who claims friendship with the "tiny people." Eva: Eileen Baral. Suzy: Juanita Moore. Snyder: Carl Benton Reid.

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Episode 14

Final Performance

Mon, Jan 18, 1965 60 mins

While a former vaudevillian (Franchot Tone) hits the comeback trail, his young fiancée desperately maps plans to run away. Rosie: Sharon Farrell. Allen: Roger Perry. Sheriff: Kelly Thordsen.

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Episode 15

Thanatos Palace Hotel

Mon, Feb 1, 1965 60 mins

Having unsuccessfully attempted suicide, Robert Manners (Steven Hill) takes up residence at the Thanatos Palace Hotel, which caters exclusively to people who want to die. Ariane: Angie Dickinson. Borchter: G.B. Atwater. Cowboy: Henry Wills.

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Episode 16

One of the Family

Mon, Feb 8, 1965 60 mins

The police are looking for a child-killer, and her description fits the nurse the Daileys just hired to care for their baby. Frieda: Lilia Skala. Joyce: Kathryn Hays. Dexter: Jeremy Slate. Miss Callendar: Olive Deering.

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Episode 17

An Unlocked Window

Mon, Feb 15, 1965 60 mins

A chilling exercise in the unexpected finds three nurses caring for a patient in a creaky old mansion where several other nurses have been murdered. Stella: Dana Wynter. Baker: John Kerr. Maude: Louise Latham. Sam: E.J. Andre.

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Episode 18

The Trap

Mon, Feb 22, 1965 60 mins

An unfaithful wife (Anne Francis) plots to murder her wealthy husband and marry one of his employees. Beale: Robert Strauss. Cochran: Donnelly Rhodes. Jenifer: Patricia Manning. Arnold: Walter Mathews.

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Episode 19

Wally the Beard

Mon, Mar 1, 1965 60 mins

After donning a wig and a beard, shy Wally Mills (Larry Blyden) acquires a new personality, a girlfriend and plenty of trouble. Noreen: Kathie Browne. Curly: Berkeley Harris. Mrs. Adams: Katherine Squire.

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Episode 20

Death Scene

Mon, Mar 8, 1965 60 mins

A mechanic (James Farentino) with acting ambitions makes a play for the daughter of a once-famous director. Nicky: Vera Miles. Revere: John Carradine. Dancer: Buck Taylor. Wagner: Leonard Yorr.

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Episode 21

The Photographer and the Undertaker

Mon, Mar 15, 1965 60 mins

Photographer Arthur Mannix (Jack Cassidy) has a lucrative sideline---assassinations. His next assignment: the local undertaker. Price: Harry Townes. Rudolph: Alfred Ryder. Willis: Richard Jury. Sylvia: Jocelyn Lane.

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Episode 22

Thou Still Unravished Bride

Mon, Mar 22, 1965 60 mins

A detective fears that his missing fiancée has fallen prey to a killer who is terrorizing the city. Sally: Sally Kellerman. Bonn: Ron Randell. Clarke: David Carradine. Elliott: Ted Bessell. Benner: Kent Smith.

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Episode 23

Completely Foolproof

Mon, Mar 29, 1965 60 mins

Counterplots abound in this tale of a greedy woman's scheme to divorce her wealthy, two-timing husband. Lisa: Patricia Barry. Davenport: Geoffrey Horne. Brisson: J.D. Cannon. Foyle: Myron Healey.

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Episode 24

Power of Attorney

Mon, Apr 5, 1965 60 mins

A suave con man (Richard Johnson) uses his charm to fleece wealthy women. Mary Cawfield: Fay Bainter. Eileen: Josie Lloyd. Agatha: Geraldine Fitzgerald. Sarah: Mary Scott. Roger: Mark Sturges.

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Episode 25

The World's Oldest Motive

Mon, Apr 12, 1965 60 mins

Married Alex Morrow is eager to wed his girlfriend, and sees his chance when a stranger offers to kill his wife---for a fee. Morrow: Henry Jones. Shustak: Robert Loggia. Fiona: Linda Lawson. Waiter: Syl Lamont. Angela: Kathleen Freeman.

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Episode 26

The Monkey's Paw---A Retelling

Mon, Apr 19, 1965 60 mins

In a retelling of W.W. Jacobs' classic chiller "The Monkey's Paw," a man (Leif Erickson) realizes too late the sinister powers of a monkey's paw that grants its owner three wishes. Anne: Jane Wyatt. Howard: Lee Majors. Celina: Collin Wilcox.

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Episode 27

The Second Wife

Mon, Apr 26, 1965 60 mins

Newlywed Martha Hunter (June Lockhart) obsessively believes that her husband killed his first wife and plans the same fate for her. Luke: John Anderson. Helen: Alice Backes. Sylvia: Eve McVeagh. Peggy: Gertrude Flynn. Sam: David Fresco.

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Episode 28

Night Fever

Mon, May 3, 1965 60 mins

A wounded criminal uses a sympathetic nurse to escape from a hospital. Ellen: Colleen Dewhurst. Walsh: Tom Simcox. Martinez: Joe De Santis. Gabe: Don Stewart. Joe: Don Marshall. Mary: Peggy Lipton. Mabel: Carol Brewster. Clark: Rayford Barnes.

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Episode 29

Off Season

Mon, May 10, 1965 60 mins

Fired from the police force, a trigger-happy ex-cop takes a job in a small-town sheriff's office. Kendell: John Gavin. Sandy: Indus Arthur. Woodman: Richard Jaeckel. Irma: Dody Heath. Dade: Tom Drake. Al: Jim Drum.

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