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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

32 Episodes 1962 - 1963

Episode 1

A Piece of the Action

Thu, Sep 20, 1962 60 mins

Professional gambler Duke Marsden (Gig Young) finds his life at stake when he wins $30,000 from a vicious ex-hood. Chuck: Robert Redford. Alice: Martha Hyer. Krutcher: Gene Evans. Nate: Roger de Koven. Smiley: Greg Martin. Allie: Raymond Bailey.

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Episode 2

Don't Look Behind You

Thu, Sep 27, 1962 60 mins

Several women have been victims of ritualistic murders, and a medical student (Vera Miles) thinks she's next. Harold: Jeffrey Hunter. Dave: Dick Sargent.

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Episode 3

Night of the Owl

Thu, Oct 4, 1962 60 mins

A man blackmails a couple by threatening to tell their adopted daughter the truth about her biological parents. Jim Mallory: Brian Keith. Linda Mallory: Patricia Breslin. Anne Mallory: Claudia Cravey. Kaylor: Norman Leavitt. Lieutenant Ames: Robert Bray.

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Episode 4

I Saw the Whole Thing

Thu, Oct 11, 1962 60 mins

A famed mystery writer (John Forsythe) is accused of running a stop sign before hitting a young motorcyclist. O'Hara: Kent Smith. Penny: Evans Evans. Hoey: Philip Ober. Stuart: John Fiedler. Sam: William Newell. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

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Episode 5

Captive Audience

Thu, Oct 18, 1962 60 mins

The tape-recorded material for a famed mystery writer's next novel sounds all too real to his publisher. Barrow: James Mason. Keller: Ed Nelson.

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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Season 1 Episode 5 image

Episode 6

Final Vow

Thu, Oct 25, 1962 60 mins

Blaming herself for the theft of a valuable statue, a novice nun (Carol Lynley) leaves her convent to track down the thief. Jimmy: Clu Gulager. Downey: R.G. Armstrong. Reverend Mother: Isobel Elsom. Sister Lydia: Sara Taft. Bess: Carmen Phillips.

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Episode 7


Thu, Nov 1, 1962 60 mins

A chemist (Dean Stockwell) refuses to accept his ex-girlfriend's marriage to another man. Annabel: Susan Oliver. Wes: Gary Cockrell. Delaney: Henry Brandy. Script by Robert Bloch ("Psycho").

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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Season 1 Episode 7 image

Episode 8

House Guest

Thu, Nov 8, 1962 60 mins

John Mitchell (Macdonald Carey) gets more than he bargained for when he offers a young man a new start in life. Roscoe: Robert Sterling. Sally: Peggy McCay. Tony: Billy Mumy. Sherston: Karl Swenson. Eve: Adele Mara. Faulkner: Robert Armstrong.

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Episode 9

The Black Curtain

Thu, Nov 15, 1962 60 mins

Richard Basehart stars as a former amnesiac who learns he is an accused murderer wanted by the police---and by a hired killer. Bernie: James Farentino. Ruth: Lola Albright. Carlin: Lee Philips. Cabdriver: Harold J. Stone.

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Episode 10

Day of Reckoning

Thu, Nov 22, 1962 60 mins

A mild-mannered man (Barry Sullivan) has an unusual problem: he can't convince anyone that he killed his unfaithful wife. Wilcox: Louis Hayward. Jordan: Claude Akins. Caroline: Katherine Bard. Harold: Hugh Marlowe. Felicity: Dee Hartford.

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Episode 11

Ride the Nightmare

Thu, Nov 29, 1962 60 mins

An old friend plunges Chris Martin (Hugh O'Brian) into a nightmare replete with blackmail, kidnapping and murder. Helen: Gena Rowlands. Fred: Jay Lanin. Adam: John Anderson. Steve: Richard Shannon.

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Episode 12


Thu, Dec 6, 1962 60 mins

A man (Tony Randall) wakes up with a hangover, a blonde in his room and his wife missing. Marian: Jayne Mansfield. Sondra: Dody Heath. Hunter: Robert P. Lieb. Blake: Myron Healey. Driscoll: Tyler McVey. Cushman: James Maloney. Cliff: Chris Roman.

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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Season 1 Episode 12 image

Episode 13


Thu, Dec 13, 1962 60 mins

Evangelist Robert Evans (Peter Falk) will do anything---including murder---to acquire a woman's mansion for a gospel temple. Laura: Dina Merrill. Man: Craig Curtis.

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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Season 1 Episode 13 image

Episode 14

The Tender Poisoner

Thu, Dec 20, 1962 60 mins

Two corporation executives fling themselves into a battle of wits and deception as they vie for a beautiful woman. Harding: Howard Duff. Bartel: Dan Dailey. Beatrice: Jan Sterling. John: Philip Reed.

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Episode 15

The 31st of February

Fri, Jan 4, 1963 60 mins

The death of Andrew Anderson's wife sets off bizarre events designed to drive the widower insane. Anderson: David Wayne. Lessing: Bob Crane. Cresse: William Conrad. Molly: Elizabeth Allen. Vincent: Staats Cotsworth. Riverton: King Calder. Granville: William Sargent.

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Episode 16

What Really Happened?

Fri, Jan 11, 1963 60 mins

When a distraught housekeeper murders her employer, the dead man's wife is charged with the crime. Addie: Ruth Roman. Eve: Anne Francis. Mrs. Raydon: Gladys Cooper. Raydon: Gene Lyons.

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Episode 17

Forecast: Low Clouds and Coastal Fog

Fri, Jan 18, 1963 60 mins

A woman (Inger Stevens) is plunged into a nightmare after she refuses to aid a man and his badly beaten girlfriend. Carter: Dan O'Herlihy. Manuel: Christopher Dark. Tom: Richard Jaeckel. Ed: Peter Brown.

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Episode 18

A Tangled Web

Fri, Jan 25, 1963 60 mins

Murder, magic and mayhem dominate this story of a tangled romantic triangle. David: Robert Redford. Karl: Barry Morse. Marie: Zohra Lampert. Ethel: Gertrude Flynn. Student: Ronnie Rondell.

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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Season 1 Episode 18 image

Episode 19

To Catch a Butterfly

Fri, Feb 1, 1963 60 mins

Bill and Janet Nelson are tormented by the realization that a disturbed neighborhood boy is planning to kill them. Bill: Bradford Dillman. Janet: Diana Hyland. Eddie: Mickey Sholdar. Stander: Edward Asner. Barbara: June Dayton.

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Episode 20

The Paragon

Fri, Feb 8, 1963 60 mins

John Pemberton (Gary Merrill) comes up with a permanent solution for dealing with his vicious, meddlesome wife. Alice: Joan Fontaine. Madge: Virginia Vincent. Evie: Linda Leighton. Fletcher: William Sargent.

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Episode 21

I'll Be the Judge, I'll Be the Jury

Fri, Feb 15, 1963 60 mins

A policeman uses his wife as a decoy to trap a killer. Needham: Peter Graves. Bond: Albert Salmi. Alec: Ed Nelson. Louise: Sarah Marshall. Laura: Eileen O'Neill. Perez: Eric Tovar. Ortiz: Rodolfo Hoyos.

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Episode 22

Diagnosis: Danger

Fri, Mar 1, 1963 60 mins

Health-department officials attempt to prevent an anthrax epidemic. Oliver: Charles McGraw. Dana: Michael Parks. Judd: Berkeley Harris. Alf: Marc Cavell. Boyle: Stefan Gierasch. Gordie: Gus Trikonis.

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Episode 23

The Lonely Hours

Fri, Mar 8, 1963 60 mins

A boarder (Nancy Kelly) shows an unusual interest in her landlord's child. Louise: Gena Rowlands. Grace: Joyce Van Patten. Marjorie: Sally Smith. Mrs. McFarland: Juanita Moore.

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Episode 24

The Star Juror

Fri, Mar 15, 1963 60 mins

Murderer George Davies (Dean Jagger) faces an ironic problem: he's a member of the jury that is trying another man for the crime. J.J.: Will Hutchins. Jenny: Betty Field. Lola: Cathie Merchant. Sheriff: Crahan Denton. Mrs. Fenton: Katherine Squire. Pauline: Josie Lloyd. Alice: Jennifer West.

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Episode 25

The Long Silence

Fri, Mar 22, 1963 60 mins

Phyllis Thaxter plays Cory Manson, paralyzed, mute and fearful that her husband (Michael Rennie) is planning her murder. Emma: Connie Gilchrist. Babcock: Vaughn Taylor.

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Episode 26

An Out for Oscar

Fri, Apr 5, 1963 60 mins

Burdened by an unfaithful wife and her money-mad lover, a timid bank teller (Larry Storch) schemes to free himself via the "perfect crime." Eve: Linda Christian. Rogan: Myron Healey. Grant: Henry Silva. Ronald: Rayford Barnes. Mike: John Marley.

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Episode 27

Death and the Joyful Woman

Fri, Apr 12, 1963 60 mins

During a drinking bout with his disinherited son, a man (Gilbert Roland) wins a bet but loses his life. Les: Don Galloway. Ruth: Laraine Day. Kitty: Laura Devon. Jean: Maggie Pierce. Felse: Frank Overton.

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Episode 28

Last Seen Wearing Blue Jeans

Fri, Apr 19, 1963 60 mins

After witnessing a murder, a young girl becomes the target of the killers. Saunders: Michael Wilding. Lauren: Katherine Crawford. Roberta: Anna Lee. Pete: Randy Boone. Cates: James Anderson. Gato: Jose de Vega. Grosse: Jesse Jacobs.

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Episode 29

The Dark Pool

Fri, May 3, 1963 60 mins

A woman's nightmares begin the day her child drowns---and a stranger tries to blackmail her. Dianne: Lois Nettleton. Consuela: Madlyn Rhue. Victor: Anthony George. Mrs. Gibbs: Doris Lloyd.

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Episode 30

Dear Uncle George

Fri, May 10, 1963 60 mins

An advice columnist (Gene Barry) has a problem of his own: his wife is unfaithful. Simon Aldrich: John Larkin. Wolfson: Lou Jacobi. Louise: Patricia Donahue. Esterow: Dabney Coleman.

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Episode 31

Run for Doom

Fri, May 17, 1963 60 mins

John Gavin is cast as a doctor who plans to marry a beautiful singer, despite warnings that her three ex-husbands all experienced violent deaths. Niki: Diana Dors. Floyd: Scott Brady. Horace: Carl Benton Reid.

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Episode 32

Death of a Cop

Fri, May 24, 1963 60 mins

A detective (Victor Jory) concocts a grim plan to avenge the murder of his son, a rookie cop. Phil: Peter Brown. Eva: Jean Willes. Lane: Lawrence Tierney. Trenker: Paul Hartman. Mills: Paul Genge. Boxer: Richard Jaeckel.

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