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The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

5 Episodes 1987 - 1987

Episode 1

The Treasure of Grundo

Mon, Sep 14, 1987 30 mins

The bear and Grubby search for a secret treasure in Part 1 of a five-part animated miniseries. Along the way, they meet eccentric inventor Newton Gimmick, who helps them elude the villainous Tweeg.

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Episode 2

Beware of the Mudblups

Tue, Sep 15, 1987 30 mins

Part 2. Teddy and Gimmick are captured by the Mudblups and thrown in prison, but they are soon able to escape with the help of a fellow prisoner, young Prince Arin, who is searching for his missing sister.

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Episode 3

Guests of the Grunges

Wed, Sep 16, 1987 30 mins

Part 3. Teddy and his friends land in the jungle and seek the help of a wizard in finding the missing princess. Meanwhile, Prince Arin has an adverse reaction to a dangerous potion concocted by the Jungle Grunges.

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Episode 4

In the Fortress of the Wizard

Thu, Sep 17, 1987 30 mins

Part 4. Teddy and his friends learn that the princess is being held captive in the "Hard to Find City" and rush to her rescue. Meanwhile, Tweeg disguises himself as an old woman and tags along with Teddy and the gang.

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Episode 5

Escape from Treaure Mountain

30 mins

Conclusion. While making their escape from the "Hard to Find City," Teddy and the gang discover the Treasure of Grundo, a portion of which disappears right before the eyes of the greedy Tweeg.

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