Super Wings

  • 2015
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y

The adventures of a jet plane that delivers packages to children around the world with the help of a crew of fellow airplanes.

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Rain Ride
12:00 — Jett arrives in rainy London and brings a teddy bear to Cecily. They give the bear an umbrella and take him out to play. The wind lifts the bear away (more…)
Follow That Ghost
12:00 — Brigita from Romania hosts a spooky party and wants a flashlight that projects scary shapes. She hears an eerie sound and follows it. It's her cat stu (more…)
Paper Rangers
12:00 — Jett brings colorful paper to Yuki in Japan. He and his friends make costumes to play "Paper Rangers" but one friend, Namiko, is moving away. Donnie m (more…)
Wish Upon a Jett
12:00 — Jett arrive with a "magic lamp" for Asya in Turkey. She wants a genie to grant her wishes but the lamp does not work, so Jett offers to become her gen (more…)
The Amazing Moritz
12:00 — Jett brings a magician's hat to Moritz in Austria, who is performing an act with his pet rabbit. As a finale, he will make a piano disappear. The naug (more…)
Runaway Rex
12:00 — Jett brings a battery to Noah in Denmark, who's built a dinosaur out of plastic blocks. When they power it up the dinosaur escapes and runs through th (more…)
Arctic Run
12:00 — Anders from Greenland wants a sled for a dog sled race. Along the way his team rides onto an iceberg that separates from the land and heads out to sea (more…)
Lion Dance
12:00 — Jett takes a Lion Dance costume to Li-Li and Xiao Ming in Taiwan. When they practice their dance, they argue and tear the costume in half. Jerome come (more…)
Penguin Parade
12:00 — Jett delivers binoculars to Ella, a girl on the Galapagos Islands. She wants to take her Mom's boat to return a lost penguin to its home in Antarctica (more…)
Flight Fans
12:00 — Jett goes to Peru and lands at a small airport where Pilar and her friends greet him. He gives them pins for their Fantastic Flyers Club. They want Je (more…)
Cheese Chase
12:00 — Jett brings cowbells to Sven in Switzerland. Jett learns all about making cheese. But on the way to market the giant wheels of cheese fall off the car (more…)
Feathered Friends
12:00 — Jett delivers a camera to Sam in Papua New Guinea. He wants to take pictures of Birds of Paradise for his little sister, Angie. The birds fly away fro (more…)
Aussie Animals
12:00 — Jett brings a microphone to Ruby, a girl in Australia who hosts her own nature program. She interviews animals until a kangaroo snatches her microphon (more…)
Zebra Scouts
12:00 — Jett brings a divided wooden box to Tendai in Zimbabwe. She's going on a scavenger hunt with her Zebra Scout troop. The box falls into a river and flo (more…)
Fireman Dad
12:00 — Jett brings a fireman's hat to Stefan in Germany. His dad is a fireman and is coming to school to tell everyone about his job. But a fire breaks out a (more…)
A Winning Recipe
12:00 — Martine in Paris, France needs a cake-decorating machine. Her father the baker asks her to ice a giant cake for a party at the Eiffel Tower. When the (more…)
Balancing Act
12:00 — Yuri from Russia is part of a family circus. He needs a unicycle for his act on the high wire. The rest of the family is on their way when the circus (more…)
Pirate Booty
12:00 — Jett takes a pirate hat and eye patch to Cassi, a girl in the British Virgin Islands. She has a map and wants to hunt for treasure. They find an aband (more…)
The Good Knight
12:00 — Jett delivers a stick horse to Carlos in Spain. Carlos wants to play knight and save a princess. Jett becomes his loyal servant. They find his friend (more…)
Toy Trackers
12:00 — Jett delivers a nature book to Dirk in South Africa. Someone has been taking toys from all the kids at the Safari Lodge. Dirk follows animal tracks to (more…)
Acting Up
11:59 — Trevor in New York City leads a theater troupe. The kids are putting on a musical and Jett bring them matching dance shoes. When too many audience mem (more…)
Family Time
11:59 — Jett brings a magnetic schedule board to Hye Mi in Korea. She has lots of activities every day, from ballet to Taekwondo to music lessons. In a last-m (more…)
Snow Ballin'
12:00 — Jett brings mittens to Stig in Finland, who wants to build the biggest snowman in the country. He and Jett make an enormous snowball that rolls out of (more…)
Fiesta! Fiesta!
12:00 — Tomas and Manuel are twins in Mexico who are having rival birthday fiestas. Jett brings a pony piñata and an astronaut piñata. Dizzy comes to help com (more…)
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  • Premiered: March 14, 2015
  • Rating: TV-Y
  • Premise: The adventures of a jet plane that delivers packages to children around the world with the help of a crew of fellow airplanes. (more)

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