Strange Angel

A Los Angeles man leads a double life as a rocket engineer by day and a performer of sex magic rituals by night in this drama series set in the 1940s.

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Strange Angel - Maggie Confronts Ernest About His Ulterior Motives On Strange Angel
01:16 — Upon their return from a camping trip with Jack (Jack Reynor) and Susan (Bella Heathcote), Maggie (Elena Satine) rips into Ernest (Rupert Friend), bel (more…)
Jack And Susan Meet A Bizarre New Neighbor On Strange Angel
01:28 — When a mysterious stranger moves in next to them, Jack Parsons (Jack Reynor) and his wife Susan (Bella Heathcote) walk over to introduce themselves, o (more…)
Jack Sneaks Combustible Chemicals Into Caltech On Strange Angel
01:14 — With help from his brand-new rocketry team, Jack (Jack Reynor) moves a barrel of restricted--and potentially explosive--liquid into his on-campus labo (more…)
Rupert Friend Sums Up Strange Angel in Three Thought Provoking Words
01:09 — Plus, the Strange Angel star teases the story's freeing message. Stream the Series Premiere of Strange Angel on Thursday, June 14, exclusively on CBS (more…)
Bella Heathcote On What Makes Strange Angel So Bizarre
01:51 — Strange Angel actress Bella Heathcote discusses what drew her to this series and the real-life woman upon which her character is based. Stream the Ser (more…)
Susan Goes Looking For Jack At The Agape Lodge On Strange Angel
01:28 — Susan (Bella Heathcote), who is now fully aware of what goes on at the Agape Lodge, is desperate to find Jack (Jack Reynor) among the assembled congre (more…)
Strange Angel - Jack Parsons: The Original Rocket Man ft. Dr. Michio Kaku & Amy Shira Teitel
02:05 — Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku and spaceflight historian Amy Shira Teitel introduce you to Jack Parsons, the inspiration for Strange Angel, now streaming o (more…)
Jack And Richard Attempt To Launch A Rocket On Strange Angel
01:06 — On the series premiere of Strange Angel entitled "Augurs Of Spring," Jack Parsons (Jack Reynor) and his associate Richard Onsted (Peter Mark Kendall) (more…)
Jack Has His First Brush With The Occult On Strange Angel
01:24 — After covertly following Ernest (Rupert Friend) to an eerie local mansion, Jack (Jack Parsons) is shocked to discover that his mysterious new neighbor (more…)
Laine Neil Discusses Strange Angel's Two Colliding Worlds
02:10 — Strange Angel actress Laine Neil describes two of the series' major concepts: rocket science and sex magick. Stream the Series Premiere of Strange Ang (more…)
Susan Parsons Is Striving For Enlightenment On Strange Angel
02:52 — Strange Angel star Bella Heathcote explains how her character might seem like a repressed soul, but her curiosity about the occult can -- and does -- (more…)
Jack Quizzes Ernest About Thelema's Effectiveness On Strange Angel
01:10 — Facing an important deadline, an impatient Jack (Jack Reynor) questions Ernest (Rupert Friend) about how long he must wait to experience the benefits (more…)
Jack Propositions Ernest With A Tempting Offer On Strange Angel
01:24 — Jack (Jack Reynor) visits a depressed Ernest (Rupert Friend) at the Lodge, where he asks for help with a new propulsion test. When Ernest is reluctant (more…)
Strange Angel - The Agape Lodge: Where Occult Ritual Becomes Reality On Strange Angel
02:38 — Where did Thelema practitioners gather in 1930s Pasadena? Strange Angel Executive Producer Mark Heyman, series star Greg Wise (who plays occult leader (more…)
Jack Considers Giving Into Carnal Desire On Strange Angel
01:28 — When Ernest (Rupert Friend) questions how willing Jack (Jack Reynor) is to truly break from convention--and his marriage vows--the budding rocket rese (more…)
Susan Confronts Maggie About Thelema On Strange Angel
01:30 — A troubled Susan (Bella Heathcote), who has been researching Thelema and its polarizing creator, Aleister Crowley, approaches Maggie (Elena Satine) ab (more…)
Strange Angel - First Look Trailer
01:00 — Watch the first look trailer of Strange Angel, premiering June 14th, exclusively on CBS All Access. Strange Angel, a drama series created by Mark Hey (more…)
Strange Angel Has A "Sexy Edge To It," Says Michael Gaston
04:56 — Strange Angel actor Michael Gaston discusses what sets this role apart from other acting jobs he's had. Stream the Series Premiere of Strange Angel on (more…)
Jack Finds His Way Back To The Agape Lodge On Strange Angel
01:09 — Unable to shake his peyote-inspired vision from the desert, a newly inspired Jack (Jack Reynor) rejoins Ernest (Rupert Friend) at the Agape Lodge, wit (more…)
Jack Reynor Did His Homework On Jack Parsons For Strange Angel
02:39 — Strange Angel star Jack Reynor discusses researching for the role of rocket pioneer Jack Parsons and bridging the gap between the show's 1930s setting (more…)
Susan Confronts Marisol In The Powder Room On Strange Angel
01:34 — During a double-date with Marisol (Veronica Osorio) and Richard (Peter Mark Kendall), Susan (Bella Heathcote) challenges Marisol to come clean about w (more…)
Ernest Asks Susan A Very Personal Question On Strange Angel
01:14 — Over some fresh-squeezed orange juice, Susan (Bella Heathcote) is taken aback when her mysterious new neighbor, Ernest (Rupert Friend), inquires about (more…)
Ernest Questions Thelema's Effectiveness On Strange Angel
01:27 — Sitting around the campfire with an upbeat Jack (Jack Reynor), a drunk and depressed Ernest (Rupert Friend) opens up, wondering aloud why his devotion (more…)
Strange Angel EP Explains The Artistic Origin Of The Series' Title
01:44 — Strange Angel Executive Producer David DiGilio gets to the heart of Jack Parsons and reveals the meaning behind the show's unique title. Stream the Se (more…)
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