Strange Angel

A Los Angeles man leads a double life as a rocket engineer by day and a performer of sex magic rituals by night in this drama series set in the 1940s.

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Strange Angel - Maggie Confronts Ernest About His Ulterior Motives On Strange Angel

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Upon their return from a camping trip with Jack (Jack Reynor) and Susan (Bella Heathcote), Maggie (Elena Satine) rips into Ernest (Rupert Friend), believing he'd rather recruit Jack into Thelema than actually spend time with her. Stream all-new episodes of Strange Angel Thursdays, exclusively on CBS All Access.

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Strange Angel - Love Is The Law: Delving Deeper Into Thelema
03:07 — Featuring prominently in Season 2 of the CBS All Access original series Strange Angel, the Thelema religion opens a window into the realm of sex magic (more…)
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02:29 — Strange Angel Executive Producers Mark Heyman and David DiGilio talk about bringing their unique vision of 1930s Los Angeles to life and how lead char (more…)
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Strange Angel - First Look Trailer
01:00 — Watch the first look trailer of Strange Angel, premiering June 14th, exclusively on CBS All Access. Strange Angel, a drama series created by Mark Hey (more…)
Strange Angel - Jack Parsons: The Original Rocket Man ft. Dr. Michio Kaku & Amy Shira Teitel
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Alfred Cross-Examines Susan At The Agape Lodge On Strange Angel
01:57 — Deciding to give Thelema another try, a visibly nervous Susan (Bella Heathcote) has her picture taken by Alfred (Greg Wise), who challenges her to let (more…)
Greg Wise On Strange Angel: "It Can Only Be A True Story, It's So Mad"
04:08 — Strange Angel actor Greg Wise says he talked to real-life Thelemites to prepare for his role as an occultist. Stream the Series Premiere of Strange An (more…)
Ernest Donovan Is Searching For His Purpose On Strange Angel
01:57 — There's no question that Strange Angel iconoclast Ernest Donovan (Rupert Friend) is an impulsive person. But, as Rupert puts it, that fierce and fearl (more…)
Strange Angel's Sets And Costumes Depict An Ever-Evolving 1930s Los Angeles
00:59 — Strange Angel might take place over 60 years ago, but, as Executive Producers David DiGilio and Mark Heyman point out, the drama's production design a (more…)
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Ernest Donovan's Season 2 Journey On Strange Angel
02:04 — Actor Rupert Friend discusses his Strange Angel character, who takes "Do what thou wilt" to new extremes in an all-new season. Executive Producers Mar (more…)
Jack Sneaks Combustible Chemicals Into Caltech On Strange Angel
01:14 — With help from his brand-new rocketry team, Jack (Jack Reynor) moves a barrel of restricted--and potentially explosive--liquid into his on-campus labo (more…)
Strange Angel Has A "Sexy Edge To It," Says Michael Gaston
04:56 — Strange Angel actor Michael Gaston discusses what sets this role apart from other acting jobs he's had. Stream the Series Premiere of Strange Angel on (more…)
Strange Angel - The Look of Season 2
01:53 — Go inside the minds of the production and set designers of Strange Angel in this special behind-the-scenes look at how the two sides of Jack Parsons' (more…)
Susan Goes Looking For Jack At The Agape Lodge On Strange Angel
01:28 — Susan (Bella Heathcote), who is now fully aware of what goes on at the Agape Lodge, is desperate to find Jack (Jack Reynor) among the assembled congre (more…)
Laine Neil Discusses Strange Angel's Two Colliding Worlds
02:10 — Strange Angel actress Laine Neil describes two of the series' major concepts: rocket science and sex magick. Stream the Series Premiere of Strange Ang (more…)
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Strange Angel - What to Expect in Season 2
02:01 — Things get stranger in season 2.
Strange Angel - This Season on Strange Angel
01:20 — Experience a tale of sex, magick & rocket science, based on the true story of Jack Parsons' life - Thursdays on CBS All Access.
Expand Your Mind With An Eye-Opening Lesson On The 1930s Occult
03:15 — How does ceremonial magician Aleister Crowley's philosophy, in which ritualistic sexual activity can result in prosperity, manifest on Strange Angel? (more…)
Susan Confronts Maggie About Thelema On Strange Angel
01:30 — A troubled Susan (Bella Heathcote), who has been researching Thelema and its polarizing creator, Aleister Crowley, approaches Maggie (Elena Satine) ab (more…)
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Strange Angel Season 2 - Teaser Trailer
00:42 — Watch the teaser trailer for the new season of Strange Angel, premiering June 13th, exclusively on CBS All Access.
Jack Propositions Ernest With A Tempting Offer On Strange Angel
01:24 — Jack (Jack Reynor) visits a depressed Ernest (Rupert Friend) at the Lodge, where he asks for help with a new propulsion test. When Ernest is reluctant (more…)

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