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Stephen King's 'The Stand' Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

4 Episodes 1994 - 1994

Episode 1

The Plague

Sun, May 8, 1994 120 mins

Part 1 of 4. A plague leaves only a handful of survivors in the U.S. Stu: Gary Sinise. Larry: Adam Storke. Nick: Rob Lowe. Fran: Molly Ringwald. Mother Abigail: Ruby Dee. Gen. Starkey: Ed Harris. Rae Flowers: Kathy Bates. Adapted from the novel.

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Stephen King's 'The Stand', Season 1 Episode 1 image

Episode 2

The Dreams

Mon, May 9, 1994 120 mins

Part 2 of four. The survivors of the virus begin to encounter one another and start their respective treks to meet Mother Abigail---or Randall Flagg. Tom: Bill Fagerbakke. Glen: Ray Walston. Trashcan Man: Matt Frewer. Julie: Shawnee Smith. Mother Abigail: Ruby Dee.

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Episode 3

The Betrayal

Wed, May 11, 1994 120 mins

In Part 3, Mother Abigail's clan sets up a base of operations in Colorado and creates a governing board, which decides to send spies to Randall Flagg's headquarters. Judge Farris: Ossie Davis. Nadine: Laura San Giacomo. Harold: Corin Nemec. Mother Abigail: Ruby Dee. Teddy: Stephen King.

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Episode 4

The Stand

Thu, May 12, 1994 120 mins

Conclusion. Mother Abigail's group heads for Las Vegas, where Flagg's forces are beginning to weaken. Flagg: Jamey Sheridan. Glen: Ray Walston. Harold: Corin Nemec. Nadine: Laura San Giacomo. Paul Bulson: Mike Westenskow. Lucy: Bridgit Ryan. Weizak: Stephen King.

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