Squid Girl

  • 2010
  • 2 Seasons
  • TV-14

A sea creature seeks to invade humanity as revenge for pollution in the oceans.

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Isn't This a Crisis? Season 1, Episode 12 Paid

A beach volleyball tournament is held and Squid Girl and Eiko decide to team up, managing to reach the finals against Goro's team. When Eiko twists her ankle during the match point, Chizuru takes her place and they win the competition. Later, Squid Girl's tentacles suddenly stop working, along with her other squid abilities, and the others try various methods to bring the strange powers back, to no avail. (Japanese with English Subtitles)

Won't You Work? Season 1, Episode 7 Paid

Concerned about any evil plans Squid Girl may have, Nagisa decides to sleep over at the Aizawas to keep watch on her. Nagisa pretends to be unafraid of Squid Girl, which upsets Squid Girl. Cindy manages to trick Squid Girl into coming to her secret laboratory. Later, the girls run into the Southern Winds owner's daughter, and offer her a trial run working at the Lemon Beach House. As she attracts more sales, Eiko lets the owner borrow Squid Girl for the Southern Winds. (Japanese with English Subtitles)

Aren't You a Fake? Season 1, Episode 4 Paid

When Squid Girl finds a lost wallet, the owner rewards her with 10,000 yen, which she spends on frozen shrimp. When the TV in the beach house breaks down, Squid Girl is invited to sleep over at the Aizawa household. While exploring the beach, Squid Girl and Eiko find an imitation Squid Girl used by the owner of a rival beach house to attract customers. The owner challenges Eiko to various matches for possession of the original. (Japanese with English Subtitles)

Aren't You Scared? Season 1, Episode 3 Paid

The gang take Squid Girl, who had never heard of ghosts before, on a test of courage at the local cemetery; but she ends up scaring everyone with her ability to emit light. Later, Squid Girl does become frightened when inflatable killer whales start showing up--the killer whale is her natural predator, and she believes these are real. A new girl, Nagisa Saito, joins the stand, though is a bit nervous around Squid Girl, who becomes pleased that someone actually fears her. (Japanese with English Subtitles)

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