South Park

An animated adult series about four potty-mouthed, trash-talking grade schoolers living in a Colorado town. Rude, crude and seriously funny, it became an immediate hit after its Comedy Central debut in August 1997, inspiring some guest voice appearances by series fans (among them, George Clooney), a feature film and any number of weak cartoon imitations (more…)

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Incredible Beef Tacos

The entire school holds its' breath as Cartman returns from the hospital to try the new lunch menu item - Incredible Meat.

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Dice Studz Gamers Club
00:16 — Cartman, Stan, Butters, and the other boys play Dungeons & Dragons.
Sell the Farm
00:48 — With Randy awaiting trial, Sharon, Shelley, and Stan are hopeful that everything will work out for their family.
You're Not the President of the United States
00:57 — Without marijuana, reality comes crashing down on Randy.
Tegridy Breakfast
02:21 — As new evidence comes to light, Randy gets arrested, in the middle of a live-stream, for all the things he's done over the past few months.
Look at the Peruvian Hairless
01:16 — On Cartman's suggestion, the White's look for a way to fill the hole in their family.
Just What the Doctor Ordered
01:15 — Rudy Giuliani offers some "help" to Randy.
It's Called DARVO
01:36 — Waiting for his trail, Randy turns to the one person who may be able to help him get out of trouble - The President.
Nothing Will Change the White's Minds
00:56 — As the protests against Randy and Tegridy Farms rage outside City Hall, the White's stage a demonstration of their own.
Thanks For Having My Back
00:39 — After being exonerated, Randy thanks the only people who stood by his side, the only ones who never believed the allegations, no matter what the evide (more…)
Being a White is the Hardest Thing Ever
01:51 — The White's struggle to explain just how hard it is to be a White to their newly adopted son, Alejandro.
Better Than Expected
00:47 — Back on the farm, and with the first snow falling, Randy reveals the latest Tegridy strain, "Season Finale," is finally on sale.
We Got Lasagna!
02:04 — The town turns out to support the Marsh family, but the White's feel slighted.
South Park vs. Tegridy Farms
02:12 — During his opening statement, Randy defends himself and Tegridy Farms.
Now There Will Be More Whites
01:26 — The Whites do not feel like Alejandro understands what it means to be a White, so they devise a plan to teach him about responsibility.
It's Mexican Joker
00:38 — Pushed too far, by the Whites, Alejandro snaps.
Titty-Farts, Hut
01:29 — During a game of football, at the park, Jason White gets hit by a car. After his tragic death, his family is upset that no one in the town cares when (more…)
I'm NEVER as Bad as President
00:46 — After a few days in prison, Randy begins to realize who is really to blame for all his actions.
Enough of Tegridy Farms
00:29 — The citizens of South Park have had enough of Randy and Tegridy Farms.
That’s' Rough, Randy
00:54 — Randy talks to Towelie about Shelley's problem.
The Mummy Is Very Insightful
01:46 — After another Mummy attack, at school, Counselor Mackey sits Butters down for a counseling session.
Archaeologist Butters
02:48 — Randy and Shelley try to enjoy a father-daughter day at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Meanwhile, Archeologist Butters finds the final stamp (more…)
Shelley's Brew
00:27 — Shelley brews up a potion to get revenge on her Father and the Halloween Special.
I Have Problems
00:23 — While they spend Halloween night in jail, Butters complains to Shelley about the Mummy.
It's a Halloween Miracle
00:53 — As Randy broods about his problems with his daughter, Towelie discovers there may be a way to save the Halloween Special.
Halloween Special Intro
00:28 — It's the all-new into for Tegridy Farms Halloween Special - Brought to you by Tegridy Weed.
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