South Park

An animated adult series about four potty-mouthed, trash-talking grade schoolers living in a Colorado town. Rude, crude and seriously funny, it became an immediate hit after its Comedy Central debut in August 1997, inspiring some guest voice appearances by series fans (among them, George Clooney), a feature film and any number of weak cartoon imitations (more…)

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But It's Christmas

The boys head to town to raise awareness about canceling the Bike Parade. Meanwhile, as things look darkest for the town, Santa arrives to help.

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Incredibly City Mongolian Beef
01:15 — The Goo Man approaches the owner of City Wok about becoming the newest member of the Incredible Meat family, but learns that a new player has entered (more…)
I Want Vegan Food
01:01 — After returning from the hospital, Cartman gets into another argument with the girls about healthy lunches.
Incredible Beef Tacos
01:18 — The entire school holds its' breath as Cartman returns from the hospital to try the new lunch menu item - Incredible Meat.
Young Voices Matter
01:24 — Wendy makes an impassioned speech about saving the planet. Meanwhile, Cartman suffers a second heart attack.
You Can't Sell Hamburgers Here
00:49 — Randy and Towelie start selling their new plant-based burgers right outside the local Burger King.
People Pay For This?
01:19 — Randy tastes his first plant-based burger and it gives him an amazing new business idea.
A Cow Circus
00:59 — With cows no longer useful in South Park, one of the local ranchers confronts Randy.
Your Lunch Dances Aren't the Same
00:58 — Felling guilty, Butters comes clean, to Cartman, about the new school lunch ingredients.
It's a Tegridy Burger
01:00 — Randy and Towelie test their new plant-based burger recipe on Gerald.
Being Healthy and Ethical
01:09 — On the verge of success, Randy, Towelie and the Tegridy Burger empire suffer a humiliating public relations nightmare.
Pwned by a Towel
01:17 — With sales down at Tegridy Farms, Randy calls a family meeting to discuss new ideas to get the business back on track.
We Gotta Kill All These Cows
01:32 — After getting really, really high, Randy and Towelie deal with their cow problem.
The Goo Man
01:16 — Facing intense backlash about the future of school lunches, PC Principal brings in someone who might be able to settle the debate.
Tegridy Burger Grand Opening
01:25 — Randy and Towelie celebrate the opening of Tegridy Burger as the plant-based burger war escalates in South Park.
People Eat Crappy Food
01:29 — The Goo Man explains most of his plans to Butters and Cartman.
Sloppy Joe Day
01:28 — Cartman and Butters are horrified to find that Sloppy Joe Day at school has been replaced by healthier food options. After a fierce argument, Cartman (more…)
Processed Crap That Comes in a Box
01:21 — Cartman surprises the entire school when he admits that he likes the new lunch menu items.
How Do We Sell More Weed
00:17 — Randy sits the family down to talk about the family business.
No More Kissing China's Ass
01:13 — After Randy agrees to a few stipulations and apologizes, Towelie rejoins Tegridy Farms.
Here Are Some Beads
00:45 — Randy throws a one-man parade to share the big Tegridy Farms news with the town.
Just a Little Prick
02:18 — Cartman absolutely refuses to get his vaccination.
Bringing Immunity to Your Community
00:56 — As the main event at Voices for Vaccines Round-Up, Cartman tries his best to not get vaccinated.
It's Not Safe for Our Kids
01:41 — All the families in South Park get together to debate the importance of vaccinations in their community.
Happy 300
01:03 — The Marsh family and Tegridy Farms celebrate a milestone, but not everyone is as happy as Randy.
Boo-Boo Present
02:16 — After Cartman proves too much for them to handle, the parents of South Park realize they need to bring in an expert to get Cartman vaccinated.

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