Slings & Arrows

  • 2003
  • TV Show
  • TV-14
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That Way Madness Lies Trailer
02:00 — Charles's erratic behavior becomes more and more disruptive, prompting Geoffrey to consider replacing him. As tensions grow within the cast of Lear, p (more…)
Oliver's Dream Trailer
01:57 — Geoffrey Tennant carries on with a production of The Tempest despite the reality that his ragtag theatre company is broke. Over at the New Burbage Sha (more…)
Birnam Wood Trailer
01:52 — Youthquake-- the magic of rebranding kicks in! Geoffrey works his own brand of explosive magic, Oliver returns to the stage, Richard upgrades his drea (more…)
Vex Not His Ghost Trailer
01:09 — Charles Kingman-- the theatrical lion whom Geoffrey has recruited to play Lear-- brings some secret demons of his own to the production and immediatel (more…)
Madness In Great Ones Trailer
00:50 — Geoffrey passes off the theatre's new production of Hamlet to flamboyant visiting director Darren Nichols. Kate and Jack take an afternoon off and fee (more…)
Playing The Swan Trailer
01:27 — It's high noon in the Shakespearean Corral. Opening day for Hamlet has arrived and Jack has disappeared. Ellen comes clean about what really happened (more…)
Fallow Time Trailer
01:42 — Christmas comes to New Burbage and so do the interns, who are part of the new austerity program. Richard raises begging to new heights and hires Sanja (more…)
Geoffrey's Return Trailer
01:48 — Geoffrey discovers that death has not completely silenced Oliver. New Burbage general manager Richard Smith-Jones takes over Oliver's memorial, while (more…)
All Blessed Secrets Trailer
01:04 — Anna, the Festival's efficient assistant manager, steps in to help Geoffrey with Charles. But King Lear loses its Regan as actress Ellen Fanshaw flees (more…)
Divided Kingdom Trailer
01:17 — Trying to top the critical and financial success of its last production, the Festival plans to stage King Lear, as well as a contemporary new musical. (more…)
Every Inch A King Trailer
01:49 — The final rehearsal of King Lear turns into a full-on train wreck, as Charles fumbles dozens of lines. With East Hastins a smashing success, Richard-- (more…)
Slings & Arrows Trailer
01:53 — Showered with awards and critical acclaim, this darkly comic Canadian series follows the fortunes of a dysfunctional Shakespearean theatre troupe, exp (more…)
Rarer Monsters Trailer
01:35 — The curse of Macbeth kicks in when the director of Romeo and Juliet breaks her neck, forcing Geoffrey to invite showdog Darren Nichols back from Berli (more…)
Fair Is Foul And Foul Is Fair Trailer
01:28 — With subscribers canceling en masse since the launch of Frog Hammer's campaign of alienation, Sanjay counsels Richard to embrace the left side of his (more…)
Season's End Trailer
01:46 — Geoffrey gets a permanent posting as the New Burbage artistic director after his triumphant Hamlet, but major challenges loom ahead. Richards, the CEO (more…)
Outrageous Fortune Trailer
01:33 — Geoffrey broods in jail, where Oliver's spirit drops by to counsel him. Kate and Jack friendship moves to a higher plane. Ellen's dirt-biker boy toy d (more…)
A Mirror Up To Nature Trailer
01:36 — With unglued Geoffrey taking up the reins of Hamlet, Richard and Holly feel certain the production will flop. Geoffrey digs in and believes there's mo (more…)
Steeped In Blood Trailer
01:41 — Ellen confuses her auditor with a confessor but graduates to adulthood with the final tally of her back taxes. The police have developed a keen intere (more…)
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