• 2004
  • 10 Seasons
  • TV-14

The serio-comic saga of a wildly dysfunctional Irish clan led by an alcoholic patriarch and his feisty, warmhearted eldest daughter.

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Shameless Season 9, Episode 10 Official Clip - "You Duct Taped Him?"

Kevin and Veronica are awaken to their twin girls beating Santiago.

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My Shameless Sister
05:02 — Emma Kenney (Debbie Gallagher) takes center stage as host of this funny and insightful interview with her very own Shameless sister, Emmy Rossum.
Shameless Season 9, Episode 13 Official Clip - What if I Bought You Out Now?
02:08 — Max bumps into Fiona while she is working at the gas station and gives her some life changing news.
Shameless Season 9 Episode 14 Official Clip "Operation: Annapolis is a Go"
01:37 — Stay Low. Ready? Operation: Annapolis is a go.
Shameless Season 9, Episode 12 Official Clip "You're A Bad Drunk"
02:48 — Frank reprimands Fiona about her drinking behavior.
Shameless Season 9, Episode 13 Official Clip - What Kind of Doctor?
01:10 — Lip finds out his pregnant girlfriend is going to visit a doctor.
Shameless Season 9 - Episode 11 Official Clip -100 Days He Was Sober
02:43 — An angry Lip confronts Fiona about being the cause of his sponsee relapsing.
Shameless Season 9 Episode 12 Official Clip - I'm Not Letting You Live Here!
01:30 — An angry Fiona confronts Lip after stumbling upon her clothes on the side walk.
Shameless Season 9, Episode 10 Official Clip - "I Have Called The Police!"
02:14 — Fiona addresses the woman responsible for calling the cops on Liam.
Shameless Season 9, Episode 11 Official Clip - "Our Love"
01:23 — As the Hoboloco competition intensifies, Frank and Mikey pretend to partners to move on to the next level.
Shameless Season 9, Episode 9 Official Clip "Eliza Call The Police"
01:34 — Fiona explodes when Ford walks into Patsy's.
Shameless Season 9, Episode 9 Official Clip - I Just Want My Tools Back
00:52 — Ford appears at the Gallagher home in search of his carpenter tools.
Shameless Season 9, Episode 8 Official Clip - She's Acting Kind Of Crazy
01:18 — An overwhelmed Fiona becomes frustrated after discovering gum under the restaurant tables.
BTS: William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, & Cast on the Return of Season 9
02:30 — Get a glimpse behind the scenes with the cast as they discuss what's in store for all of the Gallaghers as Shameless returns to close out Season 9. S (more…)
To Our Fans | Shameless Returns For Season 9
01:44 — To Our Fans, Season 9 of Shameless premieres September 9 at 9pm ET/PT only on SHOWTIME.
Shameless Season 9, Episode 6 Official Clip - What Am I Supposed To Do If I'm Not Drinking
01:38 — Lip does his best to be a sober companion to a famous actress.
Shameless Season 9, Episode 6 Official Clip - Guess Who Gets To Pick Where He Gets Locked Up
01:39 — As Ian begins his two-year jail sentence, he is welcomed by a familiar face.
Shameless Season 9, Episode 2 Official Clip - Am I In, Or Am I Out?
01:17 — Fiona confronts Max Whitford about joining his LLC.
Shameless Season 6: Tease - Just Family Stuff
01:00 — Shameless returns for season 6 Sunday, January 10th at 9PM ET/PT.
Shameless Season 6: Official Episode 7 Clip - Wedding Date
01:37 — Caleb asks Ian to accompany him to his cousin's wedding.
Shameless Season 9, Episode 7 Official Clip - You've Had A Shitty Couple Days
02:49 — Fiona explains to Debbie what happened in the last few days.
Shameless Season 9, Episode 3 Official Clip - Bitch I'm Not Asking
01:21 — V persuades a Congressman to recommend Carl to West Point.
Shameless Season 5: Episode 10 Clip - Trip Weed
01:15 — Kev and Lip have to deal with the mess they created.
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