Sealab 2021

  • 2000
  • TV Show
  • TV-14

An update of `Sealab 2020,' about underwater explorers. Using footage from the original show, this part of the Cartoon Network's `Adult Swim' offers up new dysfunctional characters beneath the sea.

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11:15 — "Splitsville". Quinn and Debbie are finally breaking up. But not before Virjay gets the band back together. And not before everybody gets real drunk a (more…)
Legend of Baggy Pants
11:15 — Murphy’s golf game is cut short by a lack of balls. In his frantic search for the pro shop, he encounters Monster-Hesh, snotty telephone operators, D (more…)
11:31 — A bloodthirsty, killer alien has boarded Sealab, and trapped the entire crew. His shimmering form is seemingly everywhere, rending flesh from human b (more…)
All That Jazz
11:01 — Captain Murphy finds himself trapped under the monolithic "Bebop Cola" machine. For a year. During that time, he loses all of his teeth, battles an (more…)
Happy Cake
11:45 — Captain Murphy is horrified to discover that his beloved HappyCake Oven? ("Makes real cupcakes!") is missing from Sealab. He orders the reluctant cre (more…)
Murphy Murphy & The Feng Shui Bunch
11:01 — Having nothing better to do, Murphy hires a high-priced feng shui master to 'harmonize' Sealab. As the renovations run into the millions, Quinn suspe (more…)
Green Fever
11:00 — A mysterious illness sweeps through the corridors of Sealab like a wildfire. A germy, icky, nosebleedy wildfire. As Sparks and his gang search for Fev (more…)
11:30 — Marco has a dark and terrible secret, which threatens the very survival of the entire Sealab crew. "What could it be?" you ask. Well, that's a fair q (more…)
Swimming in Oblivion
11:01 — Well, a summary of this episode would, in its essence, be a spoiler. But get ready to see some of your old favorites (and some soon-to-be favorites) (more…)
Tourist Season
11:00 — "Tourist Season". A horde of tourists descends upon Sealab. There are some fatalities. Doctor Virjay makes a startling (and delicious) discovery abo (more…)
11:30 — Doctor Quinn has invented a genetic-hybrid crustacean which wields, in its powerful claws, the power to eradicate world hunger. But only if he can kee (more…)
10:00 — A power outage leaves the crew of Sealab in the dark.
In the Closet
11:01 — The entire crew, thanks to Murphy, gets trapped in a storage closet. Tempers flare and fists (lots of fists) fly as the gang realizes they may be stu (more…)
Meet Beck Bristow
11:00 — "Meet Beck Bristow". Hollywood actor Beck Bristow comes to Sealab to do research for an upcoming role. Is Hollywood actor Beck Bristow the hottest guy (more…)
Craptastic Voyage
11:16 — When Shanks refuses treatment for a festering, pulsing head-tumor, the crew decides to dust off the old shrink ray and then basically re-enact the plo (more…)
Der Dieb
11:00 — When things start missing on Sealab, fingers start to point, and tempers start to flare. It'll be up to Murphy and his cadre of Martian Knights to que (more…)
Feast of Alvis
11:15 — Tempers flare and deeply-rooted religious beliefs are mocked as Murphy readies Sealab for the biggest Feast of Alvis this side of the Marianas Trench. (more…)
Little Orphan Angry
11:00 — Griffin, a terminally ill orphan from the Final Request Foundation, pays a visit to Sealab and captures Marco's heart. Griffin, however, may not be a (more…)
11:01 — In his quest to build the evilest of all evil empires, Sparks invents a miraculous new drug. Stimutacs are billed as an "herbal dietary supplement" b (more…)
Return of Marko
11:00 — The much-ballyhooed return of Marco finally occurs in this eponymously-titled episode, with Marco playing the titular Marco. Marco, Sharko. Sharko, (more…)
Legacy of Laughter
11:02 — The final episode of Sealab 2021.
The Policy
11:00 — In a fevered spurt of conspicuous consumption, Murphy runs up a hundred grand in credit card bills. And let’s face it: he just doesn’t have that kind (more…)
10:52 — Debbie decides that she wants to have a baby, and now. She interviews all of the male crew members to see who would make the best father for her chil (more…)
10:59 — Deep within the Great Salted Lake of Many Fishes, Sealab has a slight problem: it's sinking into an ancient Native American burial ground. Can the nev (more…)
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  • Premiered: December 21, 2000
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Premise: An update of `Sealab 2020,' about underwater explorers. Using footage from the original show, this part of the Cartoon Network's `Adult Swim' offers up new dysfunctional characters beneath the sea. (more)

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