People try to survive in a postapocalyptic future in which electricity has stopped working.

First Look
05:37 — J.J. Abrams, Jon Favreau and the cast take you behind the scenes of Revolution, coming to NBC this fall.
One Riot, One Ranger Trailer
01:19 — Aaron and Rachel speculate about the extreme effects of nano technology Miles tries to convince an old comrade to help bring down the Patriots Charlie (more…)
Soul Train Trailer
01:08 — Nora meets a new partner and together they plan to blow up that train.
Ghosts Trailer
01:04 — Charlie must rise above grief to protect Rachel, while Miles reaches out to an old and deadly friend. Colm Feore, Leland Orser and Malik Yoba guest st (more…)
Ties That Bind Trailer
00:44 — Nora must choose: her family or a promise?
The Stand Trailer
02:13 — Having harnessed the power of the pendant, Monroe sets out to obliterate the Rebels.
Happy Endings Trailer
02:03 — The President tasks Neville with a deadly mission Monroe makes a deal in New Vegas the nano leads Aaron to an old friend. Bret Michaels guest stars.
Pilot Trailer
01:45 — After 15 years of darkness, an unlikely trio sets out on a journey to save the world.
The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia Trailer
02:21 — Neville disappears Aaron and Rachel set off for The Tower while Charlie and Miles follow the nuke to Atlanta. Leslie Hope guest starts.
The Love Boat Trailer
00:56 — Miles and Neville find themselves fighting on the same side. Timothy Busfield and Colm Feore guest star.
Born In The U.S.A. Trailer
01:45 — In the Season 2 premiere, Miles, Aaron and Rachel find themselves in a small town in Texas where Rachel comes across a figure from her past Charlie is (more…)
No Quarter Trailer
01:00 — A family struggles in an American landscape of empty cities, militias and freedom fighters, where every piece of technology has blacked out forever.
The Children's Crusade Trailer
01:39 — Charlie convinces Miles to help a village of lost children.
Chained Heat Trailer
02:04 — Miles leads Charlie to a Militia prison camp to rescue an old flame.
The Song Remains The Same Trailer
01:03 — Neville faces treachery on all sides Rachel embarks on a quest to restore the power. Colm Feore and Kim Raver guest star
Clue Trailer
01:27 — Miles searches for a mole while Monroe kidnaps Nora and stalks Rachel. Colm Feore and Leland Orser guest star.
Nobody's Fault But Mine Trailer
01:34 — In the stunning fall finale, Miles and Monroe meet face-to-face.
The Longest Day Trailer
01:17 — Romance blooms in the midst of assassination attempts and disastrous drone strikes. Leslie Hope and Mark Pellegrino guest star.
Kashmir Trailer
01:16 — Hallucinations threaten our heroes on the final leg of their journey to Philadelphia. Featuring the music of Led Zeppelin.
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