• 1982

Teens create a youth center in an old inner-city building, where they meet to investigate mysteries.

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Life's a Beach / Independence Day / Girl Scouts of America

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The guys enjoy a day of fun-in-the-sun when they head to the beach to celebrate the beginning of Summer. / Rick drags Tim and Pedro on a July 4th road trip to see Mount Rushmore. / Tim and Pedro find themselves in hot water when two Girl Scouts come to collect their cookie debt.

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The Big Bleep / Jackie the Beaner Stalker / Lord of the Weenie
09:26 — Rick plays detective when Blocktopussy asks him to find her missing cat./ Pedro is freaked when he realizes he has a crazy stalker./ Rick, Tim and Ped (more…)
Vegetables Can Kill You / Rambo Alien Predator / Awesome Possom
10:28 — Rick has to play doctor when he discovers Tim and Pedro's kryptonite. / The guys must answer for their crimes when they're taken captive by a blood-th (more…)
Sasquatter / A Christmas Thingy
06:39 — The Powerhouse gets a little more crowded when Bigfoots comes to live with Rick, Tim and Pedro. / Tim and Pedro fly to the North Pole to find Santa wh (more…)
Honey, I Shrunk the Dudes / Pretty Whoa Man / Happy Halloweenie
08:55 — The Roach is back to pick on somebody his own size./ Tim and Pedro to turn the Tranny Hooker into an elegant lady for Rick./ When Rick and Tim don't g (more…)
Modern Fart / Die Hard On / Man Lessons
10:00 — Tim and Pedro decide to become famous painters after being inspired by the idea of nude models./ When The Masked Bandito shows up at Butterface's hous (more…)
Booty Butter / Pimp My Ride / Sexual Harassment
09:44 — Pedro encounters the health risks of constantly eating your girlfriend when he gets in a serious relationship with Butterface./ Tim and Pedro soup up (more…)
Mission Im-possum-Ble / Maybe She Wheel / Ricky's Mom Has Got It Going On
08:51 — Rick isn't happy when Tim and Pedro bring home a new pet./ Tim and Pedro have to be on their best behavior when Rick is visited by an old flame./ Rick (more…)
Ricksquatch / Operation Impossible - Get Rick Laid / Tap That
09:02 — The guys go camping, but their male bonding session is interrupted when they meet the legendary creature./ Tim and Pedro drag Rick to a local house pa (more…)
Stripper Attacks / Origins / Crabs
09:08 — Tim and Pedro accidentally ruin Rick's date when they unknowingly hire a fifty foot tall stripper. / The guys introduce themselves and explain how Tim (more…)
Jerkaholic / Girls Night / Eye of the Roach
09:22 — When Tim overdoses on masturbation Rick and Pedro have to do whatever it takes to rehabilitate him./ Tim and Pedro try to get in touch with their femi (more…)
Wing Men / Roach Problem / Meat Management
08:56 — When Tim and Pedro enter a chicken wing eating contest they end up biting off more than they can chew./ It's bad news for the local pests when Tim and (more…)
Citizen Cane / The Dark Knight / The Summer Olympics
10:16 — Rick tries to use an old family heirloom to pick up chicks./ Rick becomes a masked vigilante, allowing Tim and Pedro to take a break from their busy w (more…)
It's a Terrible Life / Timmy's Girl / Homeless Gerald
09:44 — After Tim and Pedro knock Rick unconscious his guardian angel gives him a tour of what his life would be like without his idiot roommates. / After Tim (more…)
Carson Daly and Friends / Hypnosis On a Plate / Crime Puppets
10:11 — Tim and Pedro get interviewed by Rick's favorite celebrity./ Rick finds that working for his idol isn't as fun as he thought./ Rick enlists the help o (more…)
Erection Day / I Can't Believe It's Not Butter / Thanksgiving Special
10:06 — In this special Election Day episode Tim and Pedro have a political debate on the matter of Boobs vs. Booty. Cast your vote today! / Rick goes on a bl (more…)
Breaking Dawn / Siamese Twin Threesome! / Pimp Daddy
09:55 — Rick undergoes an invasive procedure when The Roach tries to get revenge by taking control of his body. / Things go a little crazy when Tim and Pedro (more…)
Attack of the Masked Bandito / Three Dudes and a Baby / In Search of Bigfoots
10:38 — After Tim and Pedro drink too much tequila, the guys have to track down their missing couch. / The guys find themselves up a creek without a paddle wh (more…)

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