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Pensacola: Wings of Gold Season 3 Episodes

Season 3 Episode Guide

22 Episodes 1999 - 2000

Episode 1

Tip of the Spear

Sat, Sep 11, 1999 60 mins

Ice, Spoon and Burner receive orders to return to Pensacola, where they join Kelly (James Brolin) as part of a new squadron called the Flying Bandits. Meanwhile, Burner (Kenny Johnson) begins a romance with a woman (Kathy Ireland) he met at the Bucket. Capone: David Quane. Cricket: Felicity Waterman. Rapaport: Benjamin King. Drayton: Marshall Teague. Spoon's Dad: Ben Masters.

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Episode 2

Gypsy Tumble

Sat, Sep 18, 1999 60 mins

After Spoon's car is stolen, he and Capone (David Quane) try to help one of the youthful thieves. Meanwhile, Kelly's daughter (Brittney Powell) falls for a marine boxer (Cristian De La Fuente), but doesn't tell him who her father is. Magic: Samuel L. Jones III. Kelly: James Brolin. Spoon: Michael Trucco. Burner: Kenny Johnson. Ice: Sandra Hess. Cricket: Felicity Waterman.

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Episode 3

A Wing and a Prayer

Sat, Sep 25, 1999 60 mins

After Burner (Kenny Johnson) gets caught in unexpected bad weather, his plane malfunctions. Meanwhile, the relationship deepens between Spoon and Ice. Air Operations Officer: Randy Mulkey. Air Traffic Controller: Chris Comes. Spoon: Michael Trucco. Ice: Sandra Hess.

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Episode 4

Call to Glory

Sat, Oct 2, 1999 60 mins

Burner (Kenny Johnson) seems to have lost his love of flying; Ice (Sandra Hess) is attracted to a doctor (Shawn Christian); Kelly (James Brolin) revisits an accident site. Col. Lawson: Dean Norris. Burner's Mother: Trinia Kaplan.

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Episode 5

Officers and Gentlemen

Sat, Oct 9, 1999 60 mins

Kate (Barbara Niven) is a victim of a sexual assault; Spoon and Ice (Michael Trucco, Sandra Hess) look for a new roommate. Capt. Hartley: Mike White. Col. Drayton: Marshall Teague.

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Episode 6


Sat, Oct 16, 1999 60 mins

After missiles are stolen, suspicion falls on a marine who has a swastika tattoo. Meanwhile, an old flame (Ali Landry) of Spoon's wants to rekindle their romance. Schaeffer: Marcus Dean Fuller. Stoddard: Jay Karnes. Chadway: Will Wallace. Taylor: Tom Jay Jones. Spoon: Michael Trucco. Ice: Sandra Hess. Kelly: James Brolin.

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Episode 7

Burke's Breach

Sat, Oct 23, 1999 60 mins

Holley (Felicity Waterman) makes a video of her colleagues. Meanwhile, Capone (David Quane) is charged with insubordination by Kelly's former commander (Ken Jenkins). Edwards: Kimble Jemison. Teri: Ali Landry. Mindy: Julia Schultz. Estes: Bruce Bohne. Kelly: James Brolin.

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Episode 8

Behind Enemy Lines

Sat, Oct 30, 1999 60 mins

Spoon and Ice (Michael Trucco, Sandra Hess) become involved in a hostage situation when two robbers (Chuck Walczak, Virginya Keehne) hold up a grocery store and its occupants. Brandon: Shawn Christian. Lipscomb: Seamus Deaver. Morgan: Ken Abraham. Kelly: James Brolin.

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Episode 9

True Stories

Sat, Nov 6, 1999 60 mins

Terelli (David Quane) is surprised by a visit from his brother (Jay Acovone); meanwhile, country singer Gary Allan (as himself) invites Kate and Mad Dog to a concert. Agent Harding: Dan Martin. Anton: Dimitri Diatchenko. Crew Chief: Matt Waite. Mindy: Michele Garris. Kate: Barbara Niven. Mad Dog: Felicity Waterman.

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Episode 10

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Sat, Nov 13, 1999 60 mins

Spoon receives a visit from an old friend (Paul Muni), while a famous pilot's son (Will Foster Stewart) causes problems for a mission led by Ice (Sandra Hess). Joanna: Ion Overman. Drunk: Matthew Rgan. Spoon: Michael Tucco.

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Episode 11

On The Tee

Sat, Nov 20, 1999 60 mins

A fatal explosion on the base wreaks havoc, leaving Mad Dog and Spoon unconscious and Kelly (James Brolin) overseeing rescue operations. Andrews: Christian Payne. Sollie: Dwain A. Perry. Fire Chief: Ryan Cutrona. Lt. Deborah Kaper: Malayika Singley. Christine Newhouse: Susan Wood.

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Episode 12


Sat, Nov 27, 1999 60 mins

While Kelly, Ice and Hammer become involved in a mission to eliminate a terrorist force, Kate (Barbara Niven) looks into her late husband's past. Lawson: Dean Norris. Kessick: Brent Huff. Ricky Woodson: Deborah Benson-Wald. Kaslow: Thomas Ryan. Mai-Ling Diem: Tina Nguyen.

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Episode 13

Article 32

Sat, Jan 29, 2000 60 mins

Facing possible court martial, Kelly undergoes a hearing, at which a deceased man's mother (Michael Learned) testifies bitterly against the colonel. Capt. Benedict: Colby French. Col. Walters: George Gerdes. Maj. Granger: Charmin Lee. Maj. Camden: Tim Quill. MP: Jeff Brown. Sgt. Brown: Kuahiwi N. Fernandez. Kelly: James Brolin. Spoon: Michael Trucco. Capone: David Quane.

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Episode 14

At Poverty Level

Sat, Feb 5, 2000 60 mins

A case of spousal abuse ties in with Kelly's trip to Washington, D.C., to testify concerning wages for Marines. Lance Corp. Tom Gibson: Zach Johnson. Kathy Gibson: Christie Lynn Smith. Jane Gibson: Sarah Hansen. Nurse Sheridan: Jilanne Shevlin. Col. Drayton: Marshall Teague. Ice: Sandra Hess. Kelly: James Brolin.

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Episode 15


Sat, Feb 12, 2000 60 mins

An investigation is launched after a malfunction puts in question whether or not a plane's electrical system was replaced as ordered; meanwhile, Spoon's faced with a dilemma. Megan Mulligan: Deborah Zoe. Teri: Ali Landry. Susan Mukldavi: Carolyn Smith Bryant. Joyce Staples: Challen Cate. Sgt. Franklin: Eric K. George. Julie Franklin: Juliette Jeffers. Everett Jannock: Tom Hallick. Spoon: Michael Trucco. Kelly: James Brolin.

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Episode 16

Crash Test

Sat, Feb 19, 2000 60 mins

Kelly rushes to his daughter (Brittney Powell), who's been in an auto accident. Meanwhile, Ice and Capone discover two skeletons beneath their beach house. Sgt. Obanion: Brien Perry. Dr. Kulchak: Todd Andrews. Det. Karr: William G. Schilling. George Combs: Darren Kjeldsen. ATC Supervisor: Tony Ketcham. Ice: Sandra Hess. Capone: David Quane. Kelly: James Brolin.

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Episode 17

Pensacola Shootout

Sat, Feb 26, 2000 60 mins

While returning to base after practicing for a competition, Spoon and Ice are found by Kelly and Hammer to be unprepared for the unexpected. Megan: Deborah Zoe. Capt. Trevera: Musetta Vander. Capt. Collins: Kevin Sizemore. Cmdr. Hollings: Deborah Shelton. Flight Lt. Knightsbridge: Adrian Neil. Capt. Broderick: Jonathan Breeden. Pilot: William F. Rowel. Spoon: Michael Trucco. Ice: Sandra Hess. Kelly: James Brolin.

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Episode 18

Answered Prayers

Sat, Apr 22, 2000 60 mins

Kelly bonds with a young male stricken with leukemia (Blake Bashoff) whose dream is to fly aboard a military jet; Mad Dog falls for a soccer coach (Jim Davidson). Sgt. Davis: Kirsten Nelson. Brianne: Brianne Donegan. Helen Williams: Conchata Ferrell. Megan Ryan: Deborah Zoe. Kelly: James Brolin. Mad Dog: Felicity Waterman. Capone: David Quane.

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Episode 19

Return to Glory

Sat, Apr 29, 2000 60 mins

After he returns as a specialist to instruct the pilots about a peacekeeping mission in Latin America, Barnes (Kenneth Johnson) clashes with Capone. Capt. Joseph "Ski" Zabronski: Joel Burti. Megan Ryan: Deborah Zoe. Doctor: Tara Laura Shadzi. Capone: David Quane. Ice: Sandra Hess. Kelly: James Brolin.

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Episode 20

Casualties of War

Sat, May 6, 2000 60 mins

Kelly and Hammer attempt to get permission to rescue Burner (Kenneth Johnson), who's stranded in the jungle and sought by rebel forces. Lt. Col. Donald Stuart: Steve Ford. Raoul: Ramon Franco. Capt. Smith: Tedd Taskey. Corpsman: Juan Urista. First Rebel: Ken Garcia. Kelly: James Brolin. Hammer: Bobby Hosea. Spoon: Michael Trucco.

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Episode 21


Sat, May 13, 2000 60 mins

While visiting his home town, Kelly is reunited with his estranged brother (Sam Hennings) and uncovers a double murder. Wylie Johnson: Geoffrey Lewis. Sheriff Barth: Mik Scriba. Mrs. Littlebum: Myra McWethy. Emily Harris: Susan Blakely. Debbie Simons: Angelle Brooks. Kelly: James Brolin. Spoon: Michael Trucco. Capone: David Quane.

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Episode 22

SOCEX: Final Exams

Sat, May 20, 2000 60 mins

As the unit prepares for a special exercise, Kelly and Hammer become the targets of a terrorist's assassin, while Spoon and Ice examine their relationship. Col. Drayton: Marshall Teague. Col. Nathan: Patrick Kilpatrick. Dick Hennesy: James Wellington. Megan Ryan: Deborah Zoe. Ramsey: Justin Sundquist. Kelly: James Brolin. Hammer: Bobby Hosea. Spoon: Michael Trucco.

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