On the Buses

  • 1969
  • TV Show
  • None

A British comedy series about the antics of two cockney bus drivers.

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Buccaneer Bunny
07:28 — Bugs infuriates Pirate Yosemite Sam by stealing his treasure and chases Bugs onto the pirate ship.
Pig / Drugs
15:26 — Yuri is tasked by her magazine to do an expose on DMC and is unintentionally humiliated by Soichi. After giving a bad interview, Ms. President visits (more…)
On The Buses Season 2
The second series continues to follow the life of Stan, played by Reg Varney, as his life at home is interrupted by Aunts, large dogs and illnesses. M (more…)
On The Buses Season 1
Life at the bus depot proves hectic in this first series as a sandwich causes a heavy dispute at work, the bus drivers do a spot of cooking, a new con (more…)
On The Buses Season 5
The trials of bus driver Stan and his Conductor Jack continue as they become distracted by new female employees and other disasters. Meanwhile Inspect (more…)
On The Buses Season 4
Reg Varney returns for a fourth series playing Stan Butler who finds that his love life is in need of brightening up whilst Olive has problems of her (more…)
On The Buses Season 3
Love is in the air during this third series and not just for Stan.
On The Buses Season 6
In this sixth series Stan and Jack worry for Inspector Blake's life, Stan takes a trip down memory lane and Mum has a stroke of luck. Meanwhile, money (more…)
On The Buses Season 7
In this last series Stan finds himself facing more money troubles and makes a life-changing decision. Jack continues to be haunted by Inspector Blake (more…)