Nightmare Next Door

  • 2011
  • TV Show
  • TV-14

Murder cases set in small American towns are detailed.

Lock Your Doors

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A triple murder leaves 3 members of a church-going family dead, residents of Lancaster, Pennsylvania are shaken to their cores.

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Nightmare Next Door Season 6
Small towns are shaken to their core when some of the most trusted members of the community turn out to be murderers. A well liked secretary takes a d (more…)
Newlywed Nightmare
02:33 — Newlywed Nightmare
Living for His Lost Daughter
01:03 — Frank Lazzaro's daughter was murdered 21 years ago. Just like he lived through her vicariously growing up, he is living for her today.
Girlfriend Jealousy
02:35 — On and off relationships don't do much for stability.
Having Faith
01:03 — Jennifer Perroto, mother of murder victim Audrey, shares how she dealt with such a tragic loss; Officer Mark Sokolovich encourages families of victims (more…)
Be Proactive
01:02 — Officer Mark Revette and Detective Richard Sypek give advice on being proactive and using your instincts when faced in a dangerous situation; Lori De (more…)
Report Suspicious Activity
01:01 — Det. Steven Wyda of the Milford Connecticut Police Department explains why reporting suspicious activity in your neighborhood or town could help the p (more…)
Inconsistent Evidence
02:01 — Everybody in town quickly blames a woman’s ex-boyfriend after she is murdered. The police see everybody as a suspect and investigators must piece toge (more…)
Digging for a Body
03:43 — Policemen have finally found the body of a murder victim after a 7-week long investigation but the murderer may have outwitted them. Although the poli (more…)
My Missing Lover
01:41 — A man has mysteriously gone missing after his neighbors have been murdered. Almost two days after the murder a detective is determined to crack the ca (more…)
Worst Cleanup Job Ever
02:21 — A woman let her murderer into her home only to be brutally stabbed and left lifeless in her living room. The murderer has left a bloody crime scene bu (more…)
Tiny Joe Clark
01:48 — Officer John Feather comes across a case where a mother has gone missing, and her son insists on a family friend taking her. He goes off to find this (more…)
Recovering from Covering a Murder
01:12 — Peter Page explains why he stopped covering murders after the Kristin Huggins case.
Did Neighbors Witness a Murderer for Hire?
03:30 — Two neighbors report seeing the same suspicious man immediately after another neighbor was killed.
Ties That Bind
02:09 — Everybody in town quickly blames a woman's ex-boyfriend after she is murdered. The police see everybody as a suspect and investigators must piece toge (more…)
Frontier Body Dump
03:12 — A college town is gripped with fear when 22-year-old Katie Sepich disappears one night only to be found raped and murdered in a land fill the next mor (more…)
Mother Murdered
02:11 — The brutal slaying of 32-year-old Stacie Ann Smith, a single mother, has the townsfolk of St.Albans, West Virginia reeling. The murderer's message at (more…)
Blood On the Floor
02:34 — Bloody fingerprints across a crime scene make for plenty of evidence to identify a murderer. But the reason for murdering a married couple and then pl (more…)
The Loving Father
02:20 — A woman and her son have been murdered and relatives are quick to point fingers at the father. While speaking to the police he comes off as a grieving (more…)
The Heartless Ex
02:39 — A heartless man is suspected of killing his ex-wife but his alibi is so well constructed that investigators are at a loss.
How Did These Two Men Find a Woman's Dead Body When Police Couldn't?
03:02 — A wife vanishes and her naked body is found dumped in the woods days later. Detectives jumpstart a manhunt for her depraved killer.
The Killing Spree Begins
01:48 — Policemen struggle to gather hard evidence to prove a serial killer guilty.
The Poetic Criminal
02:34 — A man passed his time in prison by writing poetry about the rape and murder of older women. After his release, he is the police’s only suspect for the (more…)
Murder Shocks Church
01:42 — The people in Marion, NC are baffled when a woman is mysteriously murdered. While a pastor comforts a grieving son, Detective Mongeluzzo uncovers the (more…)

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  • Premiered: January 6, 2011
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Premise: Murder cases set in small American towns are detailed. (more)

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