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This comedic take on the news-magazine format focuses on absurd stories.

Fit Town, Fat Town
11:17 — Correspondent Sadee Deenus (Beth Dover) visits a town where every last person is physically fit - but Sadee can't figure out why because she's a terri (more…)
Epic Fail
11:17 — Cranky, old, out-of-touch correspondent Skip Reming (Ray Wise) experiences the horrors of modern air travel and perky, hot correspondent Xandra Dent ( (more…)
Headless Football Player / Identity Thief
11:18 — Reagan Biscayne profiles a young athlete who overcame a rare disability to realize his dream, and Sadee Deenus meets an identity thief with a thick Ru (more…)
Gay Camp
11:17 — Correspondent Narge Hemingway (Dannah Feinglass Phirman) visits a summer camp with a horrible secret and doesn't find what that horrible secret is - o (more…)
Go Nadz/Talkin' News
11:12 — Narge Hemingway investigates a controversy in the competitive world of car genitalia. Skip Reming and Rob Riggle (guest starring as himself) chat with (more…)
Strip Club Exposé / Long Lost Twins
11:17 — It's a shocking hidden camera investigation into the inner workings of gentlemen's clubs. Also, Newsreaders reunites two long-lost twin brothers. Gues (more…)
Roswell, New Mexico/Skip Goes to a Wedding
12:18 — Sadee Deenus travels to the alien capital of the world and finds some surprises. Skip Reming goes to a wedding and also finds some surprises. Addition (more…)
Motorboating Dads / The Negative $100,000 Question
11:16 — Sadee Deenus looks at a controversial new parenting trend and Reagan Biscayne exposes the dirty secrets of television game shows. Guest stars include (more…)
How Sausage Is Made / Lottery Winners Lose
10:51 — Xandra Dent explores a company that is revolutionizing how sausage is made and Reagan Biscayne meets a lottery winner who makes him really, really ang (more…)
CCSI: Boston
11:17 — Amir Larussa (Kumail Nanjiani) reports on how children are the future of crime fighting and Louis La Fonda travels to Boston to meet an Irishman who's (more…)
Hair Razing
11:17 — Correspondent Amir Larussa (Kumail Nanjiani) asks some important questions about body hair removal and meets a really disgusting bird.
Band Names-R-Us / Put Me In Coach
11:19 — Clavis Kim explores the lucrative world of coming up with names for rock bands. Sadee Deenus profiles a football coach who is revolutionizing his spor (more…)
Jellyfish Sting Clinic
11:18 — In a Newsreaders exclusive, Amir Larussa (recurring guest star Kumail Nanjiani) meets a doctor who is employing unorthodox methods to treat jellyfish (more…)
The Journey of an iPhone / Restaurant Plague
11:18 — Xandra Dent traces the path the iPhone takes from mines to your pocket and Amir LaRussa (recurring guest star Kumail Nanjiani) reports on a hot new ki (more…)
Auto Erotic
11:17 — From the creative team behind the acclaimed, irreverent, Emmy®-winning comedy Childrens Hospital, Newsreaders is an all-new comedy series that satiriz (more…)
Jr. Newsreaders
11:17 — This time it's personal. Louis La Fonda meets a precocious kid who makes Newsreaders look bad.
America's Unknown President / Reporter on House Arrest
11:17 — Reagan Biscayne looks at a new documentary about an American President forgotten by the history books. Also, what happens when a Newsreaders reporter (more…)
Creepiest Man Alive / Bomb Sniffing Dogs
11:18 — A behind-the-scenes look at how People of Interest magazine puts together the "Creepiest Man Alive" issue. Also, how dogs are keeping Americans safe.
Unborn Again
11:17 — Louis La Fonda meets a father and son who hate each other and learns why abortion protests are really cool - and a good place to meet girls.
Hedge Fun
11:11 — Correspondent Narge Hemingway (Dannah Feinglass Phirman) takes a very hard look at a handsome Wall Street investing superstar and finds a handsome fra (more…)
11:17 — In this award-winning report, Sadee Deenus (Beth Dover) meets a typical all-American family . . . and completely destroys it.
Billionaire Goes to Hell / Sitcom Family
11:18 — Take a look at billionaire adventurer Reese Ballard’s latest improbable quest and then go behind the scenes with America’s favorite sitcom family, “Th (more…)
The Fmk Killer / Newsreaders: Behind the Scenes
11:09 — The first-ever interview with a controversial serial killer and the FBI agents who caught him. Also, a behind-the-scenes look at how popular newsmagaz (more…)
F- Dancing / Are You Decent?
11:11 — In the season two premiere, Amir Larussa (recurring guest star Kumail Nanjiani – Silicon Valley) looks at a new dance trend that has school officials (more…)
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