NCIS: New Orleans

An "NCIS" spin-off following undercover agents in New Orleans.

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Playing Dwayne Pride
04:56 — What does Scott Bakula like best about his character?
Behind the Scenes
02:35 — Get a behind the scenes look at the new CBS drama NCIS: New Orleans.
Favorite Scenes of the Season with the Cast of NCIS: New Orleans
03:08 — The cast of NCIS: New Orleans reveals some of their favorite scenes.
NCIS: New Orleans - Boat On Fire
02:05 — The team has to stop a speedboat strapped with explosives.
NCIS: New Orleans - Save The Mayor
01:35 — Dwayne and Loretta witness a kidnapping and find out that the Mayor's life is in danger.
NCIS: New Orleans - I'm Glad You Came Back
01:50 — LaSalle saves Pride from a burning building.
NCIS: New Orleans - Too Close For Comfort
01:51 — Pride pays a visit to Felix.
NCIS: New Orleans - Security Down
01:41 — Agent Tammy is able to track down the killer.
NCIS: New Orleans - We've Been Hacked
02:15 — Something goes terribly wrong with Dr. Yoon's research project.
NCIS: New Orleans - Useful Source
04:53 — After being tied up and tortured, Pride realizes Martha may actually be useful.
NCIS: New Orleans - It's A Trap!
02:00 — Sebastian stumbles into the Jackal's den.
NCIS: New Orleans - Fright House
01:58 — Tammy and Sebastian check out a scary haunted house.
NCIS: New Orleans - Gunfire At A Festival
02:49 — Pride finds himself surprised by one of his own. The band X Ambassadors performs.
NCIS: New Orleans - Did You Really Just Do That?
02:12 — Sebastian and Adrian discuss the past, but are interrupted while in transit.
NCIS: New Orleans - End Game
03:17 — The team takes down Claire and Kurtz.
NCIS: New Orleans - Double Cross
03:04 — The team discovers Sutter is in danger.
NCIS: New Orleans - Another Ghost Story
01:46 — Sonja's investigation leads her to a rooftop where she ends up having a gun pointed at her.
NCIS: New Orleans - One False Move
02:10 — Pride is presented with a choice and it could cost him dearly.
NCIS: New Orleans - A Word
01:43 — Gregorio gets a warning from Pride.
NCIS: New Orleans - Wade's Son in Danger
02:54 — Pride protects Wade's son, Danny, in a shoot-out.
NCIS: New Orleans - First Look
01:11 — The New Orleans office of NCIS does things the old school way. Let the good times roll. Scott Bakula stars in NCIS: New Orleans. This Fall on CBS.
NCIS: New Orleans - Easy is For Chumps
02:01 — The team now knows who they are dealing with and they get to her more intimately than they wanted to.
NCIS: New Orleans - Caught
02:05 — The team catches a killer before she causes more damage.
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