• 2003
  • TV Show
  • TV-PG

The life of the French emperor, dramatized in four parts.

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Episode 3 Trailer
01:58 — In the aftermath of a costly campaign in Spain, Napoleon loses the loyalty of many of those closest to him. While he has defeated the latest alliance (more…)
Episode 2 Trailer
01:50 — Crowned Emperor of the French by the Pope, and with internal dissent stifled, Napoleon turns his attention to enemies beyond France's borders. But a d (more…)
Napoleon Trailer
01:58 — In 1795, he was an unpaid general consumed with ambition. In 1816, he was a bitter exile on the remote island of St. Helena. In the years between, he (more…)
Episode 1 Trailer
01:59 — 1794. In the aftermath of the French Revolution, a young, unruly, and unpaid Corsican general attracts the eye of the glamorous Josephine de Beauharna (more…)
Episode 4 Trailer
01:59 — 1812. Napoleon's "Great Army," 600,000 strong when it set out, is decimated by the Russian winter on the retreat from Moscow. With its destruction com (more…)