Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok

  • 2003
  • TV Show
  • TV-PG

A Norse god is banished to Earth to live in a little boy's body, but with all the powers of a god, which he uses to run a detective agency.

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The 6th Night: The Targeted Girl
A mysterious young girl named Reiya shows up on Loki's doorstep asking for help. She claims that, at night, the furniture has been moving on its own a (more…)
The 12th Night: The Traps of Castle Dracula
Mayura tries out a brand-new video game called Dracula's Castle and gets trapped inside. Its up to Loki to complete each level in the game to rescue h (more…)
The 17th Night: Crashing Into Kitchen Sanctuary
When Yamino, Mayura and Narugami go on a competitive cooking show, they discover that the opposing team is...Frey, Heimdall, and Gullinbursti? And Sku (more…)
The 24th Night: The Shadow of Solitude
Mayura decides to investigate Loki's house while he and the other gods have a picnic. Unfortunately, she is involved in Hel's evil plans.
The 18th Night: The Multi-Facted Detective Appears?!
A spell is cast on Loki when he investigates a mysterious house, and now he is taking on other people's personalities! Yamino tries to help Loki but t (more…)
The 25th Night: The Dream's Final Stop
When Hel kidnaps Yamino, Ecchan and Fenrir, Loki is forced into action. He and the goddess of the underworld embark on a strange journey on a train ca (more…)
The 1st Night: Presenting! The Mythical Detective!
Mayura, in search of a missing haunted doll, enlists Loki of the Enjaku Detective Agency in hope of help. At the end of the case, Mayura's fascination (more…)
The 7th Night: The Goddess Freya Awakens!
Reiya is the Freya, the sister of Frey and Goddess of love and fertility. She is awakened by Heimdall and turns into her full adult form who is in lov (more…)
The 13th Night: Fantastic Flower
A relaxing day shopping with Reiya turns hectic when Loki realizes that Reiya can become her full form--Freya--without the help of the Brising necklac (more…)
The 19th Night: A Tale of Narugami's Devotion
Narugami meets an amazing girl and falls in love. But the Norns have a new plan and she may not be what she seems...
The 2nd Night: The Allies of Justice Are Totally Broke?!
Mayura finds that her mystery club has fallen a little short for recruiting, so she concocts a tour of the school's mysteries in an attempt to gain mo (more…)
The 8th Night: Onward Yamino Detective Agency?!
After witnessing a crime, Loki is abducted and held against his will by two thugs. There, he gets a notion that only the trickster god could get--he p (more…)
The 26th Night: The Gods Depart
The assassins have stopped attacking Loki and now he is free to return to the world of the gods. The only thing stopping him is Mayura. Can he bear to (more…)
The 3rd Night: The Assassin Descends
In this episode, the Enjanku Detective Agency takes on a case of angry birds. Upon going to the zoo to investigate, they are greeted by a hawk, that g (more…)
The 9th Night: Mayura's Surefire Way to Pass Tests
If Mayura doesn't find a way to get a passing grade in her class, she'll end up having to stay after school to study which means: no more mysteries! W (more…)
The 14th Night: Little Dog, Dark Dog, Black Dog
Mayura finally decides to get the one thing she's sure will help transform her into the ultimate mystery solver; a dog! When she sets out to find one, (more…)
The 20th Night: The Red Shoes
The Norns decide to use Freya to get to Loki. Skuld is the next Norn to plot Loki's death, but can she really kill him? What is the significance of th (more…)
The 15th Night: The Beautiful Assassins
A new fortune-telling trio enters town, and, predictably, Mayura is excited. She attempts to drag the group along, even showing them a poster she foun (more…)
The 21st Night: Heimdall, God of the Dawn
Odin gives Heimdall a gift of a powerful eye. Heimdall then sets out to destroy Loki unless he returns Heimdall's right eye.
The 4th Night: My Dad's a Great Detective?!
Both Mayura and her father are having a hard time dealing with the loss of Mayura's mother and her inability to accept death. Loki “persuades” Papa to (more…)
The 10th Night: Twilight Coffee Shop
The Mystery: Loki, Yamino, and Mayura find an excellent coffee house that has mysteriously become vacant. The group makes an effort to make it popular (more…)
The 16th Night: Bell of Evil
There's going to be a wedding at Mayura's temple soon, and the gang is invited. However, Verdandi,one of the Norsemen, has something up her sleeve. Wi (more…)
The 22nd Night: The Goddesses' Reality
Loki wants to talk to the Norns but first he must survive their crazy house!
The 5th Night: Challenge of the Mystery Thief, Frey!
The incidents of stealing from a thief named Frey is all over the news. Loki is not interested, but hearing about the ring of Brisings catches his eye (more…)
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  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Premise: A Norse god is banished to Earth to live in a little boy's body, but with all the powers of a god, which he uses to run a detective agency. (more)

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